Monday, October 20, 2008

This weekend's three-day fast (the first one I've done in about a year) was a huge success. I actually felt like I was starting to go a little crazy off of the pure euphoria. There is no other way to describe the ridiculous HIGH I got from starving for three straight days.

But for all that, I only lost four pounds in the three days. I wanted to have lost one more by today, so I briefly debated this morning if I should fast for one more day to lose the last pound before having an eating day. But when I looked ahead at this week's schedule, I figured it would be best to settle today, eat something sane and then go back on a 2-day fast for Tues and Wed before eating on Thursday and then starting the process over again.

To stay on track to lose 13 lbs (total) by November 16th, I only have to lose five more pounds by next Monday. With only 2 days of eating, and five days of fasting, I hope this will be possible within a week.

I just can't get over that blissful feeling of emptiness that I carried with me all weekend! I dressed up in clothes that used to be tight on me and as I walked around downtown (in the freezing breeze, mind you!) I could feel my skin not quite touching the waistband of my jeans, and every time the wind would blow my blouse to brush across the small of my back and then it would rest off of my skin again, I had to slyly smile. I can FEEL myself shrinking! It's fucking toxic to my brain!

It's really hard to convince myself to eat today, because that shrinking, empty feeling goes away. :( At least I'm eating healthy: for breakfast, I just had a half-cup of steamed broccoli and carrots with italian seasoning. I've got frozen grapes for lunch and maybe I'll zip out for a public dinner before I head to the gym tonight. My goal for the day is to eat just enough to remind my body to metabolize again, burn it ALL off with tonight's workout, and start the next 2-day fast at zero calories so there'll be a 2-day deficit by Friday morning.

Wanted to send a special shout-out to all my facebook friends. For some reason, I'm not as much into it as I was last year. I don't know why, probably just lack of time. But I love connecting with you guys on there, and I promise you, I read all of it. ~<3~ to all my facebook peeps...

Speaking of which... time to answer some comments.

Anonymous said she tried the saltwater flush, but "couldn't even drink half of the quart before I felt the overwhelming urge to throw up." She wants to know "When you've done the flush in the past, did you have this same problem, and if you did how do you work through it?"

Ok, the first thing I'm going to do is refer once again to THIS POST where I chronicled my first saltwater flush. (HINT: ROLLOVER the underlined words for the LINK.)

In case you STILL don't follow the link, here's what I said in June 2007:

Just did my first saltwater flush, and now I'm thirsty and freezing! Drank the quart of water in 4 cups. The first cup was great, might as well have been sipping chicken noodle soup broth. The second cup was ok, but after a week of not eating, the fullness was upsetting. The third cup was starting to make me nauseous, and I forced down the fourth cup just to get it in within the half-hour.

I laid down on my right side for a half-hour, as prescribed, and read a book for distraction. Like clockwork, at 1 hour after the first sip, I noticed a need for the toilet. I sat there for 45-minutes spewing all the waste I have left after a week of fasting. And now I'm so cold!!! Immediately I was thirsty - guess I still had that salty taste in my mouth and I needed desperately to rinse it out. So I've had my juice for the day. Took me less than 10 minutes to slog down 3 cups of diluted pomegranate/cranberry juice.

The important points to note here:

  • I had been fasting for a week. If you do the saltwater flush in the middle of eating normally, yeah, you deserve to throw up.
  • I had to force it down. How bad do you want it? Suck it up, pinch your nose and SWALLOW. Also, pay attention when you're concocting this drink. Don't just pour the salt into lukewarm or room-temp water. Warm the water, even boil it! Let the salt dissolve completely, then allow the water to cool to a drinkable temperature. (Do NOT drink boiling-hot water. Do NOT drink undissolved salt.)(~!Aren't these things common sense???!~)
  • The words "as prescribed" should imply that you and I are not the only ones to experience the unpleasant feelings you describe. If it was EASY, everyone would do it. Duh. So the laying down afterwards thing... that's not just part of the recipe for no reason.

Sorry... do I sound a little sick of answering these questions again and again and AGAIN? Yeah, that's because I am. Do a little research, ya'll. I didn't CREATE this saltwater flush... I did MY research and followed instructions. Google... it's not that hard.

I digress...

gettingthinsoon wants to know do you take ephedra or Clen? I am looking into something to help me burn fat...

You want my honest opinion? EXERCISE IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL BURN FAT. THERE IS **NO** MAGIC PILL. I think any pill that promises to take all your problems away is a complete and total hoax. Yes, I've tried a few when I've been stupid and desperate, but nothing ever works. (Did you ever wonder why you hear all those reviews where the lady says, "I tried all kinds of pills, but nothing ever worked for me"? That's not just something they SAY in the ad!) I think "fat burning" pills work best as a placebo... that is to say, perhaps taking a pill fools a person into THINKING they have stronger willpower to resist food and exercise more...

[DISCLAIMER: I am a huge fan of *prescription* drugs. There's a good reason why they get FDA approval - because they really do fuck with your body's true hormones and chemical balances to actually change the way you think about eating/exercise. I just don't think that a pill exists that burns fat FOR you, and certainly not one you can get without a doctor's approval.]

But if you still feel like an OTC pill will help you, try doing a little footwork on to make an educated choice. Here's a guy who has actually TRIED almost every pill on the market for himself and gives a straight, unbiased, unpaid opinion of which ones work and why, with lots of scientific research to back him up, etc.

L wants to know what liquids i should/should not drink. any advice? ...what's your recipe for your favorite fast?

This is a matter of preference really. You've gotta find your own balance of calories vs. satiety. It just takes time and experience. Learn to read labels carefully! Also try to stay away from anything that's too high in sugar (beware - diet sodas!!), as these may be lower in calories and fat, but that sugar (if not burned immediately) will go STRAIGHT to your fat reserves. BAD WORDS in the ingredients include:

  • high fructose corn syrup -- the #1 most evil ingredient!!!
  • saccharin
  • aspartame
  • just about anything that ends in "-ose" (sucrose, sucralose, fructose, etc.)

For me, I know (from long-term experience and experiments!) that I like to have a little bit of warm milk to get me through a liquid-fast day. And in the past three months or so I've discovered the joy of soymilk. The protein helps with satiety, the carbs are easily burned before they get stored, and the warmth fools my body into thinking it's been fed.

When I drink juices, I look for low-cal, low-sugar juices, and ONLY BUY 100% juice! I can (and usually do) dilute it at home, so why the hell would I pay extra for someone else to add water and sugar? Blech.

I like juices that have a double-punch... for example, grapefruit juice is said to help speed metabolism, cranberry juice doubles as a diuretic, and cherry/grape/pomegranate juices are high in antioxidants.

I dilute for several reasons. For one, I just don't like super-sweet stuff. And one cup of (let's say) cran/pom juice is 140 cals. So I pour one cup of cran/pom into a liter bottle with 3 cups of filtered water, and it not only cuts down on the sweetness, but it forces me to take my time sipping it over the course of an hour or so, it's gets more water (the source of life!) into me, and it cuts down on the color-potency that stains your teeth. You could also consider combining juice with club soda if you like that carbonated feeling to keep you satiated.

But my favorite comment today comes from Gidget who refers us to to find more helpful information about fasting from both a spiritual and physical point-of-view. Just a cursory look over the site tells me this is a place I'll be visiting quite often in the near future. Thanks, Gidget!

P.S. The hit-counter rolled over 30,000 this weekend. A huge THANK YOU to all my readers!!!! You guys, fucking ROCK!!!

Starve on, ladies (and gents!)


gettingthinsoon said...

OK-I appreciate you addressing my question, thank you very much!! I take ephedra and pseudoephedrine together and it makes me absolutely not hungry. Mind you that it takes me several days after a binge to get back to where I was, where emptiness feels good. I do try to eat something often, ie celery, broccoli...negative calorie foods in small amounts frequently keeps up my metabolism. I hate to exercise, LOL I guess I am a lazy ana but hey whatever. I only do it if I am feeling really bad for overeating. I am really glad I found your blog, you have amazing stuff. I am a Christian too, it is very nice to meet a fellow Ana who is also a sister in Christ...

gettingthinsoon said...

I wanted to mention heating up chicken broth on a liquid fast..very low cal and makes you think you are having chicken soup...just fyi!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Wish I had the will-power to do the 3 day fast. Maybe I will. :D Good job!!


Hannah said...

I just started to read your blog and I'm really inspired =] I was considering trying the saltwater flush soon as well. Anyway, I just wanted to say thankyou for constantly updating your blog. It so helps me to stay on track.

Anonymous said...

Great job with your fast. yes being empty is so lovely....~ a fan

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear what your workout consists of! and congrats on you staying strong! i love the feeling of not eating anything too..that emptiness is so beautiful.

L said...

starting fast!

thanks so much ana advice is much appreciated love!

im think im gonna go with water, flavored seltzer (no artificial sweetners!) and possible those crystal light flavor things in water

if i find some spare chicken broth i'll heat that up!

your diet plan sounds lovely as do you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on that fastening past weekend! I've decided to follow your example and I'm starting a three day fastening too tomorrow =D
BTW, about the 34 day fastening... did you not eat ANYTHING for 34 days? And how much weight did you loose? If you could explain it or something I would really appreciate it.

dana said...

I am currently into my second day of fasting (nothing but water) & I've pulled through even the greatest temptations of McDonald's, Subway & Famous Amos. Thanks to you. You are truly an inspiration to me. I intend on prolonging the fast til' the 14th day. Am i doing anything wrong? Please correct me.

L said...

Wow it sounds like you're doing great! I'm so jealous of your fasting.

I echo your sentiment with the prescription drugs. Ritalin works like MAGIC. If only I could convince my Dr. that I have ADHD.

Stay strong!
- L

Vera said...

Few hints for the newbies in the world of saltwater flush =) Yes, DEFINITELY ensure that the salt dissolves completely, there's no point drinking first a quart of water and then 2-days amount of salt on one gulp. I put the salt in first and pour warm water on it, and haven't had problems. Then, others simply are more sensitive to flavours, which makes drinking saltwater difficult. If you start feeling nauseous, take a chewing gum or something in your mouth for a short moment to get the taste off, then continue =)

Ana Gaia said...

I'm so impressed with your willpower over the 3-day fast! I've been trying hard to do one this week and keep screwing up the evening of the second day. You sound a little down about 'only' having lost 4 lbs - don't be; judging by the other comments on here we're all incredibly proud of you :) Keep up the good work, they're not going to know what's hit them by November 16th! You're an inspiration to many - big thank you for your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love that I found this blog.....It's soo inspiring!
I feel so much better, so much more home and better about me when i read this. I feel safe and just like i'm not alone. Keep up the great work ladies!!!!
we can do it, we just have to be strong.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, you and I have so much in common. Thanks for the Salt water flush, it left me feeling fantastic, it's nice getting all that crap out of my system. I went back and read some of your old stuff when I was looking up what you said about the salt water flush. Do you still have a facebook? Do you think you will do a group fast again?
I read your entries during your 34 day group fast, I fast often and I sooo wanted to do it with everyone, then I realized that happened like a year ago. If you want to do a group fast again I am soooo there!

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd share a tip with ya ;). Not sure if you are a Tea person, but I am. So many flavors, no cals, and it's hot and filling. A great way to trick your body... but here is what I do to my tea to give it more of a lasting effect (longer lasting satiety):

I make a cup of hot apple cinnamon tea with no sugar or creamer. SUPER PLAIN. Then, I add a little extra cinnamon (I read somewhere it helps speed up metabolism). Next, I chop a small apple into 16 super thin pieces and only put four inside of the tea. The rest go in a little baggy in the fridge. The apples get really hot in the TEA so it's harder to eat them and you eat them a lot slower so they last longer and seem more filling. Those four little slices are maybe 20 calories the most and if it bothers you that much, 10 minutes or so on an elliptical will knock them right off!!!

That's what I do pretty much every morning. It's my special little ritual. It quiets the hunger and allows me to focus on getting my kids taken care of... Then I hop right onto the elliptical and burn it off. A wonderful ritual if you ask me :D. And when my husband gets home and asks if I've eaten any breakfast, I can honestly say yes and not be lieing to him!

Good luck...

~a silent sister <3

Anonymous said...


where are you? you're blog is so inspiring, I just can't get enough. hopefully you'll update us soon :)

Michael Jackson said...

I admire your strength in what you do. The most I've ever gone without eating was about 2 days, then I ate 2 small meals. I guess I envy your organization with things. Reading your blog really helps me with things I want to do. Thanks a bunch.

- Ana Brother

senranyhtak said...

I just found this and I love it!!! At work I deal with people trying to force me to eat and for the past week I have been water fasting...i found that for the first 3 days are the worst...for the 4th-7th, I found if you start to get weak or even light headed, eat beg. Cals..carrot here and there. It makes you feel a little better.

Again, thanks- senrabyhtak=D