Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One of the recent comments asked how to resist cravings.

Well, my first reaction is to shiver: someone with legitimate anorexia doesn't actually get cravings for food. We get cravings for exercise, for hurting ourselves, for perfection. I actually CRAVE that hollow feeling of emptiness. It makes me feel so powerful, so in control. Food is SCARY - it is the evil that harms us by making us fat, no matter how small or healthy the portion.

That being said, if you're looking for a website with diet advice, you've come to the wrong party, and I highly suggest you leave this site and look for some healthier form of weight loss like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. (Or, hell... just plain diet and exercise.) Please do not think that you can attempt to become anorexic. Eating disorders are no joke -- they are a disease. This is not a diet -- it is a NIGHTMARE.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by... SUCK IT.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

For those of you who are wannarexic or binge-disordered, here's some hints that'll help you fight food cravings:

- DRINK WATER. Tons of it. And NO, diet and/or calorie-free sodas do NOT count! WATER is the essence of life. The human body begins to die after 3 days without it. Teas and juices are great, but the more straight, plain WATER you can get, the better off you'll be.

The recipe for a regular healthy person is this: take the number of your current weight in pounds and cut that in half - that's the number of OUNCES of water you should drink in a day. For someone who is fasting, I say double that.

Here's a good way to make sure you get all your water daily. If you're not used to drinking lots of water, start off easy, say with half of what your body requires, and work your way up to the full dosage within a week. Never, ever chug. Water is most effective for your body's natural processes (and for keeping you full and satiated) if you sip it constantly throughout the day.

Invest in refillable water bottles and some kind of filter pitcher. Buy as many as you need for a full day's water needs. (For me, I try to drink 3-5 liters [100-150 ounces] per day.) Fill all the water bottles the night before, and store them in your fridge, except for one you keep on your nightstand, preferably near the alarm clock.

When you first wake up in the morning, make a habit of sipping on that first bottle, first thing before your feet even hit the floor. Remember: DON'T CHUG. It'll just pass straight through you and do you no good. Sip maybe the first fourth of the bottle.

Then, plan to pace yourself to finish all the bottles by end of day. Mentally divide the number of hours you'll be awake today, and compare it to the number of bottles you need to finish, then sip accordingly. For instance, I try to finish at least 1 liter before 10 am, one before noon, one by 4 pm, one at my workout and one before bed.

ALWAYS keep a water bottle with you at all times, everywhere you go. Keep it IN YOUR HANDS if possible. You'll be surprised how often you take sips off of it without thinking. Don't wait to drink it until you're thirsty; pace yourself by time. Drink whatever else you want during the day, but do it in IN ADDITION; don't ever let that serve as water replacement.

If the thought of just plain water completely turns you off, try some of the new water-additions out there. (Just makes sure to read the labels carefully - try to avoid sugar, sweeteners, calories, and caffeine as much as possible.) One I just recently found and love is Benefiber's Cherry Pomegranate. It's way too sweet for the 16.9 oz bottle it recommends, but it's just about right in a liter for me. Plus the extra fiber adds to that feeling of satiety, and it turns my water a brilliant ana-red, which serves as a helpful reminder throughout my day. ;)

- Carry thinspiration. Whether it's a picture of your favorite skinny celeb, or a picture of yourself in your skinny days, find a place for it in your handbag, inside your cell phone case, ipod case, or any place handy where you'll remember to look often. Anytime you're tempted by food, look at your goal and remind yourself that NOTHING tastes as good as thin feels. Currently, Minnie and Renee's white-hot gowns grace my own wallet to remind me of my own upcoming red carpet appearances, but here's even more thinspiration for ya.

- Chew sugar-free gum. If it's an oral fixation you're trying to curb, make sure to always have sugar-free gum handy. Or ice (although in excess, this can be damaging to your tooth enamel). That chewing motion fools you into thinking you're eating something. Just be sure to read the labels and make sure you get a very low-calorie gum, and never swallow it. Every calorie counts!

Keep a full stomach of water, fool yourself into thinking you've chewed something, and keep your eye on the prize, and almost every craving can be fought.

Starve on, my beauties, Starve On.


Isa said...

Hi... Great thinspos and tips. Thanks... I really need to loose some serious weight now. I was wondering, do you think it's possible to loose 20 pounds in 2 weeks? If yes, how? like, only drinking water or what? If no, thanks anyway. Love reading your blog =D

hurts_so_good said...

I tend to agree with you here, actually being anorexic does absolute wonders for my cravings *giggle*

Starve on pretty lady!

hey.hana said...

Fasting every other day sounds like a pretty rad idea... But does it fuck with your metabolism? And how many cals do you generally eat on days that you actually do eat?

Jw, as I am impressed with your success!

to the bones,
x Hana

isabella said...

Hi I'm Isa, from Italy. I'D been anorexix for many period of my life, an then bulimic. I founded your blog, and it's really beautiful even if I can't understand everything.
sorry for my horrible english.
at the moment I gained all my kg back. shit!!!!!!!!!!
it because I broke down, and I LOOSE MY bones were dameged.
now I good. yes too much good . I HATE MY SELF. can you help me to start agai my life with ana?
I REALISED that I can't do it alone.
I DON'T know why....I'm imploring you.
give me advice.
yours sincerely.

Anonymous said...

Not to be a wise ass or contradict this, but isn't it a craving that causes an anorexic to binge?? A SEVERE CRAVING? Like your body trying very VERY hard to get you to fuck up all that you've achieved?

IDK. Maybe we are thinking the same thing but I always called it a craving.

And I never felt like this was a disease, or a nightmare. More like a GIFT. A fun game of numbers and rituals. A RELIGION.

But people tell me I'm crazy all the time, and to think this is something I've dealt with for years and not a SOUL even knows...

But yeah. I'd love for you to shed some more light on that... I mean I want to know more about how you see it.

Anonymous said...

great tips!

minnie said...

I have been ana for quite some time now but just started researching for my first time today.

I was really interested in how much emphasis you put on drinking water. I usually will have a bowl of cereal if anything to eat in one day but i rarely hydrate myself. I know its unhealthy but drinking water sometimes makes me want to binge. And i won't loose the fight against hunger. So, why so much water?

Love the blog.
Stay empty ;)

Joey said...

I see it as a somewhat cruel game we are forced to play... it's not all bad we could win,end up thin and happy but more often were scared by gaining a pound... so, no you dont want to be anerexic but if you are you COULD end up happy.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for this!

Anonymous said...

great tips :)
i really want to get back to being skinny again and not being able to eat.

Model Dancer<3 said...

Nice Thinspos there:)
U have such strong determination,keep it up!I suck at it.I keep giving in,but thks for the tips:)

lil_flic said...

I'm new to this whole thing and you're the first person i've stumbled across. You're a genious. Im so glad that there are people out there like makes me very happy. I dont feel so weird now. Thankyou :) you've really made my day :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I must say you are my thinspiration is you! Just reading your blogs help me a lot. Thanks so much! I love reading your blogs!

Bellatrixxxy said...

Oh my, this is heartbreaking to read. Why would you ever want this for yourself? I've been Anorexic for quite some time and its completely ruined me.. I never WANTED to be anorexic, i was just deceived by my own psych... I see Anorexia as another entity embedded within my brain.. This is not me.. I am who I was born as... and I was not born Anorexic. I lost myself both physically and emotionally when this parasite clung on. It's the worst thing that's ever happened to me... But recovering, I can find myself again. Yes it's difficult to accept food into your life again, but recovery is the only way to resurrect humanity. I hope you can delve back into the depths of your soul one day and listen for the cry of your dying spirit... Anyone can be free again. I may not have fully regained my liberty from this disease, but I can feel a birhgt future radiating on the path before me. We CAN find ourselves again.

Anonymous said...

ohmygosh, i just started reading this blog and I think it's so great. anorexics get so alienated so it's good to know that there are others like us. rock on.

Anonymous said...

your words comfort me in my moments of weakness bring back my courage and will to be back to the state i was how great it felt the pain in the beauty beauty in the pain..cant begin to explain how greatly helpful every post of yours is...the voice of your words echo in my daily rituals keeping the cravings at bay and knowing this day is a gift, a challenge, a step to a lighter tomorrow. eternally grateful =^.^=