Thursday, October 9, 2008

Been doing ok this week, but it's been tough because I've been working so much. Keeping exact track is damned-near impossible, but I've been able to avoid food entirely for about 36 hours at a time before someone gets me to eat something. And it's always been something small like a handful of dried fruit/nuts or a veggieburger (no bun). Which in turn carries me over for the next day and a half.

Did a modeling shoot today and got LOADS more compliments about how great I look, but everyone's still too cautious about complimenting my weight loss. Or maybe I just haven't lost enough weight to be visible.

In any case, tomorrow is Friday = religious fast. To Plain Jane who asked if it's really "religious" fasting:

Yes, on Friday's I consider my abstention from eating to be a truly religious fast. Here's the distinction: If I abstain from food on any given day solely for the purpose of losing weight or creating a calorie-deficit, that's not religious fasting, unless you count ana as a goddess. But as I am a Christian, I've made my own personal decision to abstain from food on Fridays, and to use any hunger pangs to remind me to pray and remember Christ's sacrifice, which happened on a Friday.

The problem I've come across lately is that I no longer feel hungry when I abstain from eating. Especially when I'm staying filled with 3 or more liters of water per day. So my last few Friday's fasts haven't been praying as much as I would like.

My proposed solution for this is to start also religiously fasting on Sundays, to remember Christ's resurrection. And then eventually to connect the two days, so that I'll be fasting RELIGIOUSLY Friday thru Sunday each week, to commemorate the three days that Christ fought thru hell to return and save me. If He can fight through three days of real Hell, I can fight thru three days of hunger. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

But for now, I'll get through Friday (I don't have to work, so should be easy enough). Sunday I have an appearance to make at a film festival, so I'm hoping to wear a dress that "I can't risk getting dirty," to help me avoid food, and use my private time to pray.

I'm too tired to keep writing anymore tonight. Good night, my skinny anas.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you really hiding behind yor religion by doing the fasts? I don't think Christ would want you to completely ruin your weekends every weekend. Instead of fasting why don't you do some voluntary work or donate to a local charity instead. BTW this isn't meant as a critism just a friendly suggestion.
Take care

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration. I have been ill with pneumonia for nearly 10 weeks and been bed bound and force fed. Im 23, 5ft 3 and now weigh 176lds. Im so huge I even have stretch marks on my hips, thighs and upper arms. I am disgusting. Now i am well physically I am so excited to be losing this weight. Any ideas for me to kick start it? Before I was ill I was into liquid fasting and salt flushing and was 124lbs and soooooo happy. I feel like I am so disgusting right now!

mia's girl said...

what a wonderful idea! i love this! i am also a christian and i think fasting is a wonderful way of remembering the sacrifice Jesus made for us. i am going to join u (once my current fast ends) and fast always on fridays.
mia's girl xxx