Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yesterday's true fast gave me 2 pounds off. But overall, I realize that I've only lost five pounds this month. This is unacceptable, especially when I wanted to be another five pounds lighter by next Wednesday's promo appearance. That's only five days away.

I've got the dress I want to wear, and it fits well, but will look better with a little more room in it. So I'm not eating again today.

I had my first gray-out in a long time yesterday. Loved it.


unaltered-truth said...

hello pretty,
long time reader, first time commenter. i must say how pleased i was to see you return to your blog. your blog has given me so much help and strength. its my daily dose of "you don't need to eat that". i stand 5'7'' with a HW of 150 and LW of 115. i had some emotional problems a few weeks back so i'm a bit of a fat pig at 125 right now but i'm steadily walking towards that 110 mark. starve on beautiful and thanks so much for your inspiration!

Ligeia Anamia said...

what's a grey out?

Suzie Bee said...

I used to either black or grey-out on my period. Then I started the contraceptive pill to stop it. I really really miss it. I'm thinking of secretly not taking the pill and fasting on my period just to get one again.