Sunday, September 7, 2008

Striving for an ambiguous goal such as "I want to be skinnier" is much harder to achieve than setting realistic goals you can see.

I want be 20 lbs lighter by the next time my best friend sees me. Yes, that same best friend from the famous fight last year. When I started eating again, she "forgave" me and we're back on speaking terms. But now she lives 600 miles away in a different city, and we won't get to see each other again until mid-November.

“The most noble criticism is that in which the critic is not the antagonist so much as the rival of the author.” -- Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister

So here's the plan: there are about 9 weeks from today until mid-November. That means I need to lose a little over 2 lbs EVERY WEEK until then in order to be 20 lbs lighter by then.

While I have been losing weight with this latest scheme of eating no solid food and just drinking whatever the hell I want, I'm certainly not starving. And that means the liquid calories are not allowing me to lose as much as I want as fast as I want.

So here it is, girlies. Harsher restrictions. In order to lose 3 lbs by the end of this week (good jump start to get ahead), I'm going to limit myself to: still no solid food, only one caloric drink per day (probably my Starbucks addiction), and the rest of the time water, non-caloric flavored water (Crystal Light, club soda), and diet teas (my favorite new Diet Raspberry has 0 calories and always gives me quite a little buzz).

Stay tuned, looks like I may be re-creating a facebook profile soon...


Anonymous said...

Hey there starvin, i am too. I have just recently got back from a trip to Israel and loved it... but there comes a price tag with everything and my bill was gaining a nasty 10 pounds over ane month. ugh, its nasty. Im 5'3 and the ideal weight for me is at the most 110, but no, i had to go up to 132! well anyway i got back and started workin out and eating healthy, but it was too slow of a process, so right now i am currently doin the master cleanse, second day of it ans i like it. This morn i weighed myself and am 126. Its still alot but its goin down. I love your blogs, cuz as soon as i got back, i googled everything to help me. Your's however, is the best thinspo out there. I can relate in alot of ways. Thanks skinny, lov ya!!! Ann

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderfull blog you've got here, would be a shame stopping it:) You remind me alot of myselv, your thoughts, your need to be in control, the way you reward your self, exercise instead of throwing up and praying to the lord. I do exactly the same:) I'm sorry for the spelling, but I am from Scandinavia:) Would love to read more, maybe I could join you on one of your fasts. My BMI is currently 20.04 and i need to loose 10 pounds and be BMI 18,37. I'm afraid to blog myself, I'm really carefull hiding it to my boyfriend, but it inspire me alot reading your thoughts.
I was diagnosed with ana 4 years ago, and was at that time BMI 16,07. I don't wanna go that low again, but god I miss those days in control.
Lots of love
You are a really strong and amazing person

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile and desperately waiting for your return.... I gave up starving recently, and started ww. I just can't starve long-term. It pisses me off that I have no will power!!!!!!! I'm having better luck with this other thing actually. Its a bit slower but I can stay on it. I wanted you to know you have always inspired me because I'm 5'4' and I'm always going back and forth between 130-140. its upsetting but empowering to know that theres someone else that is frustrated with their stats as well. Thanks for you blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back. I re-read all of your old entries every few months, but would love to get to read it "live." You inspire me!

Summer said...


Good luck. I know you can do it! You're quite the motivation for me. Hope you're doing okay. <3


Anonymous said...

hey ur blog is amazing and so inspirational, im 5'2" and weigh 120lbs, my target is 108...then we'll see...iv been battling ana/mia for years now n started eating almost normally last yr while in was in a relationship, now thats's over and so is my stuffing my face. i weighed 143lbs when me n my bf broke up so altho iv got a way 2 go iv come far! keep it up hun, luv ya x