Thursday, September 4, 2008

RE: Comments -- love ya'll, but quit including your personal contact info

I've gotten a lot of really brilliant comments since the last time I posted (in January). I want ya'll to know that I did read ALL of them, and "published" many of them. Unfortunately, I had to "reject" (NOT publish) any comments that included your personal emails, instant message names, or blog addresses.

It's not that I don't love ya'll or want to connect with you, but you know that the PTB keep an eye on shit like this. They've already shut down my first facebook account, and if they decide to shut down this blog, I don't want them to be able to find ya'll too. So keep sending the encouraging comments -- I do love to hear from ya'll. Just don't include your personal info. I hate having to "reject" a really great comment just becuase it has your info at the end.

I didn't eat at all today. Only had one fruit juice, 1 coffee, and a whole helluva lot of water. I feel great. I'm going to do it again tomorrow. I'm not calling it a religious fast -- it's not. It's just starving for the fun of hurting myself and crashing off some weight.

If I'm heading back in this direction long-term, I'll consider opening another facebook account. If I do that, I'll let ya'll know and we can connect there. My facebook peeps were my fucking lifeline last year. (Love ya'll to the bones.)


Anonymous said...

Hi there.. to be honest.. I haven't seen entirely your site; I just wanted to comment how I feel... so bad... The last few days I have eaten so much ... I mean... lots of cookies and chocolate... I gained like 2 pounds in just 3 days and I feel so bad.. I don't throw up 'cause I can't... I've tried.. but I just can't.. and now.. I promise myself I won't eat again at least until I lost the 2 pounds I gained... but I can't.. please tell me how to avoid food.. how?? I weight 1.72mt and weight 57Kg right now...
I hope you can answer
God bless U

Anonymous said...

hey :]

I'm Summer.

I was just wondering if you wanted to fast at the same time? Like the next few days? lol lemme know.


billrainier said...

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