Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Radical changes.

Maybe I just have cabin fever from being bedded up all weekend with being sick. Yesterday I was beginning to feel better, and after writing my post here yesterday, the idea grew into a plan. With a new energy, I went downstairs and completely cleaned out my cupboards. The roommates were out, so I took the opportunity to clear all the junk food, snacks, and other distractions out of my food cabinet and my fridge shelf and throw them out.

Then I went shopping. I bought: fat-free cottage cheese, Kashi cereal, gardenburgers, single-serving frozen veggies for steaming, and grapes (instead of apples). Enough to last me for one week. This diet started today.

This diet needs a name.... any ideas, my dear readers? (Click on the little envelope at the end of this post to leave a comment. I'll put all the best ideas in a new poll this week.)

I guess I just got sick of completely starving and my weight not going anywhere. The whole point is to lose crazy weight fast, and it's not happening. I can only assume this is because my metabolism has slugged to a halt again. Ugh. So in order to fool it into thinking I'm "eating" again, I'm back on the 438-cals/day diet. ("Diet 438"?)

And this afternoon I noticed something new... my stomach growling LOUDLY. This is entertaining to me, you have no idea how it makes me giggle! When I don't eat anything at all, I get that concave feeling in my stomach, but no sounds, because it's not actually working on digesting anything. But when I give it a little tiny bit of something (had a half-cup of frozen grapes this morning), it goes to town digesting that stuff, and when it's done it lets me know it's ready for more. But I get such a power trip from denying it the food it demands from me! Ha ha!

Still on a path to try to be three pounds lighter than today's weight by Friday. Who wants to join me on this diet? (See below post for the full layout, highlighted in teal font.)


Anonymous said...

I already started! How Exciting! This is going to be awesome! DIET 438- starve on!

merleana said...

I am joining your 438. I am finally a part of something. It feels good :) Love ya

Anonymous said...

One Thing I recommend you try during this diet is TONS of strength training. Build all the muscle you can. It really helps build your metabolism back up.

daine1996 said...

i kno. i love it wen my tummy growls. i feel empty and happy. i will also join you. ive gotta lose 16/17 lbs. and as much of that as possible between now and next tuesday(pool party, great)