Friday, September 19, 2008

Good news and bad news.

The good news first: I was able to mingle enough yesterday at the "surprise" party that I only ate 2 celery sticks all night. No dip, nothing else. Ha! And this after having only had 1/2 cup of frozen grapes in the morning.

The bad news is: I guess I haven't entirely recovered from the sickness I caught last weekend, because somewhere between all the talking over loud music with a thousand people and sitting around a backyard campfire, inhaling the smoke, I lost my voice again. FAST. And it hurt like hell too. So I kept trying to sooth it with warm apple cider. Which unfortunately came at about 60 cals per cup. And I had about 5 cups.

So overall, I still stayed under 438 calories, albeit mostly liquid. But today, all day, I've been laid up in bed again, steaming the hell out of my bedroom, just trying to keep from coughing and damaging my voice worse. Which means this will be just one more weekend I can't go to the gym. (Expletive.)

But I guess the good news outweighs the bad, no pun intended. I finally broke through that plateau this morning and lost one pound. I'm still 2 lbs over where I'm supposed to be right now, but again, I'll have to hope to be able to make them up next week.

Oh, and one more bit of good news. Part of my strategy to keep moving involved being the evening's photographer. Remember the "fat whore my ex-boyfriend left me for"? (CLICK HERE to see last year's post.) She came to my party, still fat as ever. (HE, by the way, let her come alone because he didn't have the balls to face me!) Although she's a singer/actress "by trade", times have been tough for her lately, and she's been working an office job for the past 8 months. (Can't imagine why? Um, because no one WANTS a fat leading lady! Hello!)

And all night long, she kept grazing around the food table like a buzzard at an oasis. Every time I tried to snap a pic, she'd back up, lick those fat fingers or try to palm whatever was left of what she was eating, while hastily shoving her half-chewed remains into her chipmunk cheeks to smile a cheesy smile at the camera before the flash goes off. Disgusting.
And my grumbling, empty stomach can't help but smile from behind the lens.


L said...

wait a minute.... if this party was for you, why was SHE there?

Anonymous said...

Ha! I read the post before I saw the picture and that smile really is hilarious. Seriously, though, why the hell would she go?

Anonymous said...

1st of all, I agree with the previous comments: WTF was SHE doing there??

2nd: What the hell was she wearing?? did she find those clothes in the trash outside before coming in?? lol

Girl you rock, thanx for all the inspirational words. and fuck off that fattie! if your boyfriend would rather touch that, his fingers shouldn't even get close to your body!

by ItaliANA

Anonymous said...

you are hilarious!

your posts seriously make my life better.
sometimes there isn't anything positive to look for.
but you provide it.

also, sometimes there are girls jeez, it makes me cringe thinking about them...girls who pretend they are so controlling over their intake. you're not lying to anyone, but they are also unintelligent. You have barely any spelling mistakes. it's just a pet peeve of mine when i see girls talking about what they're "going through" when they can't even differentiate between the words they're and their.

thank you for your blog.

Bones said...

Girl, she is fat! I can't believe your ex would leave you for that?!

What is she wearing? And what'swith the hat? My mum wouldn't even wear that shit.

Stay strong.

AnaBlAnCh said...

No wonder noone'll hire her, she fucking enormous... gross
see, that why i starve! thinspo like no other right there

Anonymous said...

Hi Ana,
I'm new to this site, and I would just love to tell you that you truly are an amazing person. I have been an on going anorexic for a while now, and my exercise consists of marching band, (which, by the way, is crazy exercise...and I love it), running around the apartment complex at night, and working out at the gym. I sometimes get off track with my eating though because of my do you do it without them noticing and judging you?

You truly are amazing and such an inspiration to me. You go, girl.