Friday, September 5, 2008

Answer to a comment: Hey Summer. I'm already "fasting" and/or starving/restricting. I haven't eaten for the past two days, only been taking in liquids. Gonna be doing it again tomorrow. Join the fun. ;)

Getting back into the swing of it, girlies. Have some thinspo, along with my love and kisses. XOXO

Anorexia is not a disease. Anorexia is not a game. Anorexia is a skill, perfected only by a few. The chosen, the pure, the flawless.
God, can I please look like this?
Pretty please?
Empty is pure, starving is the cure.
Thin wrists, tiny waist.
So beautiful.
In the body, as in sculpture, perfection is attained not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.


Anonymous said...

Oh okay. :]

What liquids are you taking in? I usually just drink like juice and such. Oh and of course water.

And also can I click the little maily thinging next to the comment to email you? Cause your last post said no emails. lol x]


carolinamodel said...

thanks for the awesome thinspo!!
what are your current stats?

Anonymous said...

I've just been reading through your blog - you write brilliantly!

I thought I'd comment on this post in particular as I love the quote you've added at the end - its perfect. And one Ive never heard before :)
Thankyou for brightening my day.
Thankyou for the inspiration that quote brought me.
L xx

Anonymous said...

hi, i've visited so many other pro-ana sites, but out of all of them i can relate to this one so much more. you're not out to kill yourself - you understand that although anorexia is dangerous, as long as you stay in control then you will be fine. you haven't lost your mind and said - fuck it, i hate food, i'm just not gonna eat EVER. anorexia isn't a mental disease to you, it's a way of life, that some may struggle with, but with your head-strong attitude and strength you can deal with it. PLEASE write more! everything you've said makes sense. your blog doesn't just give me tips on ana, it keeps my head clear and on target.
lots of love and support,
Ana x