Monday, October 15, 2007

Yay! I'm back - and four pounds lighter!!! Oh, how I've missed you guys!!!

This was a crazy weekend, but I got through it, and now I'm on the other side and SOOOOOO looking forward!!! Friday I got a new job (to start Monday) and an offer to move to a new apartment. So within 48 hours my whole life turned about -- that's the way it usually goes for me, so I'm halfway used to it.

Saturday I spent running around town getting things wrapped up, and packed most of my stuff into boxes and bags. And I went to church that night and had a great time thanking God for His infinite Goodness. Sunday morning, as soon as my roommates had left for church I started packing the car and moving across town. Two and a half carloads and only five hours later, I was officially out of one and into another.

Heavy boxes down one flight of stairs, into the car, and up two flights of stairs into the new place -- I worked up quite a sweat! They say that mixing weight-lifting with your cardio is a better workout -- it definitely is! And even though my new roommates made me a "welcome home" meal last night (rice and chicken), I've managed to drop four pounds over the entire weekend. Woot!!

Well, yesterday was supposed to have been day 5 of the first five-day fast. But due to my extreme circumstances, I had to eat. I could definitely feel all the muscles in my legs, arms, and back quivering, especially by the end of the second carload. The stairway leading to my attic room is a narrow winding staircase, so there was no option to set down a heavy box to rest along the way. Just push, push, push!! So a protein follow-up was necessary to keep me from being too sore to move today.

Yet, I must have burned more than I ate, because I'm down! Hooray! I got the whole room settled in an evening, and it feels a LOT more like home than my last place. My new roommates are SOOOOO kind and generous.... let's hope that doesn't extend to too many dinner invitations.

And tonight I start my new job at Starbucks with a LOAD of coffee tasting! Hee hee! I'm trying to limit my drinking calories this morning knowing that tonight is probably going to top me off and maybe even push way above my self-imposed limits. Liquid only is ok for fasting, but too many liquid calories with NO food leads to a lot of simple fat absorption which is harder to burn than ingesting quick-burn carbs or fiber.

So I've decided to fast TODAY as the fifth day of the last five-day fast, followed DIRECTLY by the next five-day fast. I won't eat again until 8 am on Sunday. Essentially this means that last week I had 2 four-day fasts, and this week I'm doing a 6-day fast. Then next week I'll be directly back on track with the rest of the facebook group for a 7-day fast.

I really have no idea how I'm STILL not hungry! The human body is such a strange machine. Maybe mine is just so out-of-whack at this point, never knowing when it's going to get fed or not that I'm just in permanent ketosis. Whatever. As long as those numbers keep going down - life is peachy!!


Mariana said...

Hi, my name is Mariana from Argentina, i don't have an ED, but i totally respect your point of view. I wanted to know if you would tell me a bit more about pro ana. The theory that i have is that no media wants to know the truth about this so the just keep on telling "this is terrible", they just judge and don't ask anything. I'm not trying to change anybody's mind, just want to know.
This is my email
It would be great if you contact me.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey! i love your posts! congrats on losing pounds!! :D
i am pro ana and mia, but i'm more of a mia than ana... :/ i hate it, but i think i'll change into ana because i love thin, i want to be thin, thin, thin, so i can fly and feel so light and free :)
i've added you on facebook! :) i'm silvana btw

montchan (MJ Bliss) said...

How is your new job going? And I lost track when reading your blog, but what is your weight right now, if you don't mind sharing?

I'm one of those bitches with a super-fast metabolism, but I can't seem to break the 100lbs barrier. I'm thinking to go without food for a few days, but I'm nervous.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your blog so much and i've only just started to read it :) I'm new at this and any blog that is pro ana or mia is of great help because it makes me realise I'm not the only one :D I'm abit like Anonymous beacuse I'm pro ana and mia but more mia at the moment but i feel like maybe i should become more ana because that way i feel more free.
Although you don't realise it you've helped me alot :) thank you so much x