Monday, October 1, 2007

Wow! I'm really sort of overwhelmed at how popular the blog is -- I really had no idea how many people stop by to read it on a daily basis. Thanks for your comments and well wishes - You guys are awesome!

Welcome, to those of you who are joining me on this 34-day fast, facebook or not. I really hope you'll keep posting comments and sending me emails, as this helps to keep ME on track too. Accountability is my #1 defense.

I woke up this morning really excited about having a plan in place again. Flying (eating) by the seat of my pants just wasn't working anymore. I love structure in my life, and control. I have such an inner peace now that there's a long-term plan to look forward to.

At this moment I'm only 17 hours into the fast, and so far it's pretty darn easy, as expected. I've got a little bit of a headache, and my stomach just growled for the first time which made me laugh hysterically. I've had half a liter of water, and the cold weather is tempting me to go get a coffee, but I'm abstaining for now. But I'm expecting the first big temptation to happen tonight, after I haven't eaten for almost 24 hours, so maybe I'll wait to get coffee at the bookstore, where I can be out of temptation's path.

Someone asked me in a previous comment if I drink only water? The answer is unfortunately "no, I'm not that strong." On the facebook fast, everyone has an option if they want to water-fast (strictly water only on fasting days), juice-fast (100% juice, water, and nothing else on fasting days), or liquid-fast (coffee, tea, juice, milk, water, lemonade, soda -- any liquid DRINK, not including smoothies, shakes, or soups).

The last time I did this 34-day fast, I was juice-fasting. It was fun, because it's really hard to find a 100% juice out there that a) tastes good, b) is low enough calories that you can have a decent amount without going over your limit, c) isn't exorbitantly priced. I finally found one this summer that I liked: V8 Fusion's Light blends in the 12 oz bottles. I tried it because I found them cheap at a wholesale market. They tasted surprisingly good, and they had "a full day's serving of fruits and vegetables" at only 80 calories per bottle. So I enjoyed that while it lasted.

This time around I'm doing a liquid-fast. At least to start. (Which is to say: I know myself. I know I'll change my mind and "readjust the plan" sooner than I think.) I find that when I deprive myself too much I tend to give into binges too quickly. So if I feel here like I have loose reins, I'm much more likely to stay on track.

Looking back on my excel charts, I stuck to the last 34-day fast for about two weeks before everyone in the facebook group dropped out and I lost the will to drive. So I'm hoping this time around to go at least double that (4 weeks) and by that point I'll feel like, "If I've gone four weeks, I've only got one week to go!" and I'll finish the full 34-days.

Again.... thanks to all of you faithful readers. I'm really humbled. :)


J said...

I'm going strong too. I had a 10 calorie Tropicana sugar free orange drink for breakfast. It's nearly 3 pm now and I have only had water since breakfast. What is you're email adreess? We should trade tips. I have some really good ones to help with the light headdedness and lack of energy when constricting calories.

Anonymous said...

your amazing girl!!

Anonymous said...

leave the tips for everyone :-D

amyyy! said...

heyy..i just noticed your blog and i want to join you on this...things are so much eaiser if you do it with someone it gives you more of a drive!

unfortunatly none of my friends see bing fat the same as me so i am glad i have found a group with people who understand like us!

anyway i hope we can talk and trade tips enspire each other to continue.

i have left you my myspace page but if you dont have myspace you wont be able to contact email is

i look forward to hearing from you and oh..GOOD LUCK!!

BonesGirl said...

Hi, I started reading your blog last night. Wow! you`re an inspiration! My blog is read it if you want :) bye

Anonymous said...

JSAID- Please e-mail me with your tips for light headedness..i cud so use the help.