Thursday, October 4, 2007

another haiku by Ana Regzig

Forty ounces of
coffee, and only thirty-
four ounces water

And not a single
bite to eat. Wishing I had
burned it off somehow.

This does not balance.
So at midnight, I sit here

Write haiku to pass
the time, burn some energy,
try to get sleepy.

If my 'hood wasn't
so sketchy, I'd go for an
awesome moonlit run.

But alas, no. Sigh.
I sit here fidgeting and
fussing to no end.

Waiting for it to
wear off. Praying that I'm still
burning calories.

Is it too early
to weigh myself? Yeah. Better
get eight hours first.

Me and my caffeine
addiction. I have only
my sick self to blame.

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