Sunday, October 7, 2007

I'm writing this Sunday night for Monday. Unfortunately I can't tell you yet if I'll have lost any weight, but I'm really hoping for at least one pound since I only drank 360 calories today (1 coffee, 2 ciders, 2 liters water), and I ran 7 miles at the gym, did 100 crunches, and put in 3 sets of weightlifting (among a variety of other busy-ness throughout the day).

My lone comment yesterday asked about the taste of a saltwater flush. Well, just like it sounds, yes, it's saltwater. Made withe sea salt. So, yes, it tastes a bit like warm ocean water. And no, it's not exactly tasty. If you haven't eaten in a while (which makes the flush work better) then it's easy to convince yourself that the first cup is chicken broth. After that... yeah, you're just sort of pinching your nose and chugging as fast as you can.

The first time I did it, I really did feel like gagging. Honestly I thought I might throw up naturally. But it was more from the feeling of being so incredibly full all of a sudden after being empty for so long than from the taste of it. The trick is to immediately find a quiet calm place to lie down and massage your belly so that the water starts moving from your stomach through your intestines, where it does it's real work. Once your stomach empties out a bit (usually about 10-15 minutes), the fullness that made you want to gag subsides.

P.S. Sunday was the first day that this blog received 100 hits within 24 hours - yay!!!

Starve on, ladies and gentleman! One more day on this 3-day fast, 300 calories tomorrow, and then a new adventure: the five-day fast!!! Woot!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on that. I'd read that unrefined sea salt had a very heavy "sulfur" taste, which I couldn't quite compute. I was afraid the taste would be worse than just salt water. I don't generally think of salty as sulfuric, so that description threw me off.

Thanks for the cereal idea, by the way. I'm taking 1/2 cup of All Bran with yogurt clusters today to munch on through my shift. That and a 60-calorie pudding cup. The new flavors are amazing, and taste to much more indulgent.

Anonymous said...

I've been ana for about 2 months. sometimes i feel hopeless. you are thinspiration