Friday, October 12, 2007

I apologize for not being around to blog for the last few days. There's been quite a hurricane in my life lately, and everything's changing. At least it keeps me busy, and I have been thinking of everything BUT eating.

Here's the long and short of it: my best friend was onto me right away about not eating. I guess I really do look thinner. And none of my excuses would appease her. We spent all day Wednesday together, but at each other's throats. She refused to eat all day unless I did. It was a challenge I was happy to accept. By the end of the day, I had had one coffee and a small pear, for a total of 350 calories. She, of course, got hungry and ate a granola bar, a bag of almonds, and after ditching me for her family, ate out at an Italian restaurant (can you say pasta and bread by the bucket-load? blech!).

Wednesday night we got in the mother of all fights, and she walked away feeling like a martyr. And though I walked away in tears, inside I knew that the next time she sees me, I'm going to be twenty pounds thinner. And I'll still be smiling victoriously.

So Thursday I got back on the fasting bandwagon with ya'll, but spent the entire day running around catching people up on how my two days had gone, kvetching and sobbing about how badly my friend "needs prayer to see her through this difficult time she is facing." Another friend of mine decided to cheer me up by taking me along to her African dance class and then enjoying a girls-night pajama party at her apartment watching the Office. Totally mellowed me out, and still only consumed 2 liters of water all day.

Then today brought about another flurry of changes. I applied at Starbucks and got hired on the spot before I could even finish filling out the application. I start Monday. And my other friend who works there has a room for rent which is going to be loads more convenient than the apartment in which I'm currently staying. My current roommates are pregnant, and my room is about to become the nursery, so out I go. I'm moving in with my new friend on Sunday.

So this weekend is going to be extremely busy!!! I'm going to see another friend of mine tonight in the closing weekend of his show. Tomorrow I'll spend all day packing, and I'll go out to church tomorrow night. Sunday I'll spend all day packing and moving, and Monday I start work at Starbucks. I'll have to do a lot of coffee tasting, which could potentially add up in calories. But it will be ALL liquid, so it fits perfectly right in with my liquid fast.

There will be so much to do this weekend that there just won't be time to stop and think about eating!! How convenient is that!?

But there also won't be time to blog, I'm afraid. As soon as I get my room setup and my computer hooked up with some internet, I'll get back to the grind here. I'm gonna miss you guys!!!

In the meantime, starve on!!!! You know I won't be eating at all, so I hope it'll encourage you to stick to your fasts as well. I promise I'll try desperately to drop you a line here or there if I get half a second to do so. But if you don't hear from me til mid-next-week, be strong! Think thin! Starve on!!!!!

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