Sunday, October 28, 2007

The good news is: I had a SUPER-busy week, which kept me hopping enough that I hardly had time to sleep or think, never mind eat. Lots of coffee, water, and coke zeros have kept me going.

The bad news is: I did not have time to go to the gym even ONCE this week, nor was I able to weigh myself until this morning. After five full days of liquid fasting (and yes, I had a 240-calorie sushi roll last night), I am only down THREE POUNDS. This sucks!!

I haven't eaten anything today, and just finished a liter of water. Plus I had my 160-calorie Venti Starbucks this morning. Next week is going to be another crazy one, but not quite as crazy as this one was. I'm scheduled to brunch/lunch with a friend tomorrow, so I'm thinking I'll fast today, eat that tomorrow, then start a new long-term fast on Tuesday.

Ugh. After not being at the gym for well over a week, my body didn't want to cooperate when I finally got back on the elliptical this afternoon. I managed to push myself 5.05 miles. Hopefully last night's sushi hasn't stuck to my ribs already.

I won't be able to go to the gym tomorrow, but hopefully I will both Tuesday and Wednesday, which'll be a good jump start for the new fast. Thursday the week gets all screwy again and I'll probably not be able to blog.

But I want to send a shout-out to all the faithful readers who've messaged me here and on facebook === WHAT UP SKINNY BITCHES!!!! === Ya'll rock my fucking world, especially at the end of a long fast when I feel like, "Just one little bite won't hurt me..." I remember that I'll have to write about it here and it gives me that last little PUSH I need to get through! You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shelke said...

I've been following your blog since yuur 34-day fast began, and I just want to say what an inspiration you are to me. I check here every day, and seeing how well you're doing gives me strength.
stay strong, starve on

Pacifica said...

I enjoy your blog.

Starbucks is my nemesis when it comes to fasting or restricting. In the summer, I swear I put on a shitload of weight just from going there.

Wannabeyummy said...

Keep up the great work and don't stress TOO much if you haven't made it to the gym. At least your'e not scarfing down fast food left and right. Or at ALL for that matter!!

If you were as busy as you said you were and it's alot of physical activity, then I think that should be your gym work out right there!

:) You are awesome!! Also an inspiration..I've made it under the 200 pound mark (YUCK! I know-but I have NEVER,since I was 13 anything under 199!!!!)

So! for the first time in like 15-16 years, geez, I'm old, I actually weigh less than 200!! Soooo happy!! you will not BELIEVE how differently I get treated! Hoping to make it to 120-but my Mom (who has always been and still IS morbidly obese) is givin' me crap!

Anyway, keep it up!! You are a true motivator and entertaining writer! Feel free to check out my shit, if you like. Have a starvilicious day!!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your blog and I hope you return soon...

skinnyjeans said...

I'm a girl who's been reading your blog for inspiration, but now you haven't been around. I hate lying and it's become really difficult, since my mother, who I live with has began making spiteful comments about my eating, and says it is not normal, even though I am an adult. I would really appreciate you updating your blog 'cause it keeps me going strong. Love, Kata

Anonymous said...

You're such an indescribable person! I'm on a diet too, but I can't stop. I tried to eat a normal meal, but it was imposible.
I'm still too fat.
I disgorged, but it was so dengerous. Now I'm not eating anything. Only this, what I have to.
Stay strong!

ballery said...

hey, I'm also pro for three years now and actually in a fasting period again.

I'd die for something to eat but don't allow it until the year is over. just wanted to send you some greets from the german pro scene.

Nemo_the_emo_girl said...

You are amazing.
I'm glad there are other pro-ana ppl out there. Starting the day after tomorrow, i will skip meals too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is my first time reading. I'm a guy and I just recently hit 158 pounds. I was 198 four months ago and now I hope I can reach my goal of 120. This is great because I've been looking for inspiration when my friends bug me and I think I finally found the right place. :D

TinyDancer said...

I found ur blog only recently, & I just wanted 2 say: gurl u r an inspiration 2 me, ur strength & motivation keeps me going. Please keep updating because I know I speak 4 heaps off ppl out there when I say that I rly enjoy reading ur blog & it helps 2 no there's sum1 out there sharing my pain.

Starve on


Anonymous said...

Please come back and write some more!!! I love your blog:)

Former Fatass said...

Yeah, I hope you come back and post regularly again. The end of the day is the hardest for me, that's when I'm the hungriest, especially after taking that damn Seroquel which I am desperately trying to mean myself off of.
Anyway, that's usually when I read the thinspiration blogs. It reminds me how important it is to be thin, especially if I want to reach my goals in life.

fastingqueen said...

fasting is great.
your such a good motivator!
ive been fasting for 8 days then had a family wkend where i was fucking forced to eat :(
but now im right back on tract...just fruit and veg
you rock!

Mei said...

I just found your blog and it's really inspiring! It's unfortunate that I found it after you stopped writing on it :( but it's still really helped me. I use my blog to keep me going as well, but it's nowhere near as good as yours! If you ever feel like writing on it again, know that so many people would really love to have you back! x

Anonymous said...

i have been trying to starve myself for AGES but watever happens after 3 days i have to binge!!!! so i end up putting on most of the weight i lost. please can someone tell me a great thinspiration website???

coastal_girl said...

oh please write more...i love your blog and feel we have so much in common...stay strong girl :***

Anonymous said...

OMG I love you!! Its unfortunate that i'm only reading your blog now but i'm glad I found it :)
You're my inspiration
Stay strong and starve on :)