Saturday, October 6, 2007

Day 6 of 34, noon.

I'm REALLY looking forward to this three-day fast! After the last 2-day fast, I really felt like if I just pushed through one more day of not eating, I could almost FEEL my body coasting into ketosis. But because I'm trying to be a good example and a good leader, I ate yesterday as is described in the plan.

And I even fudged that up a little. When I woke up yesterday, I tried to have a little 50-calorie yogurt, but after two days with no food, my stomach couldn't handle more than half of it. So I probably ate only about 30 calories.

But later in the day I decided to fix up this South Beach lunch box that I've been hanging on to. It's low-carbs, and high-fiber and protein, so I figured it would be perfect to set me up for the next three-day fast. And boy, did it satisfy! I guess the high-protein was a LOT more satisfying to an empty stomach than it usually is to a normal stomach. Woot!

But that was 240 calories, so my total for the day was 270 calories. I managed to eat (and drink!) absolutely ZERO calories at the party last night - HUGE ACHIEVEMENT!! - and a big group of us even went for about a mile-long walk downtown! Burn, baby, burn!

Yesterday at the gym I could only push myself through 4 miles and 50 crunches. I felt disappointed that it wasn't 10 miles, but I know it's better than not going at all. Right now I feel like I could go to the gym, which would kill some time, or I could stay here and enjoy the beautiful breeze coming in through my window while I crochet all day long and head to church tonight.

I'm curious how long it will be before my stomach starts to growl again. I sOOOOOO don't feel hungry at all right now. Yay! I don't even long for coffee or a drink with calories. I'll try to get through the day on water for as long as possible before heading out for some Starbucks.

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