Friday, October 5, 2007

Day 5 of 34. Morning.

Down only 1/2 pound today. Boo. Welll..... at least it's not a gain.

I'm totally loving all the comments and questions you guys are posting. It's awesome having a dialogue with ya'll! I'm going to try to address them all.

First off, I want to post the link to Facebook(link no longer valid), for those of you who might be interested in joining up. I hate to shamelessly plug like that, but I'm getting a lot of parallel questions on the fasting group there and here on the blog. There are 39 members in the current "New 34-day Fast," and they're a fantastic bunch of us guys and girls who are incredibly supportive of each other. It's an easy way to be anonymous and still be pro-ana at its finest!!

J asked if I could post twice a day.
J -- sometimes I do, when the mood strikes and I have time to spare. But I'm also working and trying to keep this hidden the same as all of us are, so I can't promise to post twice EVERY day. But I'll try, from now on, to find some other thinspo or something to add here and there. It might not be me journaling, it might just be a picture or an article, but I hope it helps.

If you have the opportunity to be online that often, I'd encourage you to try the Facebook. It's like the alternative to Myspace (which I don't have), so you get updates every three seconds or so, 'round the clock.

P.S. Congratulations on the incredible success of your own restricting fast! That takes a LOT of willpower!!

Anonymous asked, "What's a saltwater flush?"
A saltwater flush is my preferred alternative to laxatives. In a nutshell, you basically drink a quart of warm saltwater and a few hours later EVERYTHING comes out. It's a great way to rid your body of nasty toxins, and a quick solution for big-number water-weight loss when you need it in a pinch. It's also entirely organic, as opposed to laxatives which are stimulant drugs. If you're interested in trying it, here's the full recipe.

amyyy wrote, "youre a insperation."
What can I say? Thanks, dollface. Just remember I probably couldn't be as strong if I didn't know that I've got you guys here backing me up and keeping me in check. I have honestly come across temptations in my day and thought, "No, because I don't want to have to blog about failing." My readers rock!!!

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