Thursday, October 4, 2007

Day 4 of 34. Morning.

I have officially dropped one whole BMI point today! Yay!
(One down, 2.2 to go.)

Unfortunately, the roommate is STILL sick and at home from work, so once again I have to put off my saltwater flush. The next first-fasting-day will be Saturday, and they'll both be home, so that's out. :::exasperated sigh::: I guess my next real chance will be Monday, which will be the third day of that fast, and may well at that point be futile. :::another sigh::: Maybe next Wednesday, which will be the following first-fasting-day. :::grumbling::: Damn roommies.

Yay --- went on a long walk this morning and picked up a nice coffee to get me started. Nothing else much doing. If I'm still this hyped-up tonight from the caffeine-on-an-empty-stomach, I might try to get to the gym for at least a little while. I wanna wear my sexy yellow dress to the party tomorrow night, so I wanna look as skinny as possible!

Addressing some comments I've received:

Amyyy from London: welcome to the fast! If you're on, msg me by searching "Ana Regzig" and I'll invite ya into the group. It's free to join facebook... or you can just keep up here with the blog. I'll be doing my best to post daily. MWAH!!! Luv ya to the bones! XOXO

JSAID asked about "tips for lightheadedness":

THE OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: I'm not a doctor! This information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor. If you are having feelings of lightheadedness, please consult your family doctor or health professional for a full diagnosis and treatment plan. Blah blah blah...

You asked for tips about lightheadedness. That's perfect timing believe it or not, as I've just now gotten to the point where I'm occasionally losing balance and what not. I haven't had any grey-outs or black-outs yet, but it won't be long now.

Fainting in public is the worst, isn't it? Ugh. Your number one defense is WATER. Your body can survive without food for weeks -- it feeds on stored fat. But without plenty of water, your body will actually begin to shut down and die within 3 days. That's why it doesn't take long for you to feel faint -- your body is trying to preserve you for maximum survival.

Hydration is your #1 weapon against fainting and lightheadedness. As soon as you wake up in the morning, start your day by drinking one full glass of ice cold water. Then make sure to have one full glass every hour on the hour, or else just keep like a liter or a gallon handy and take sips off of it every now and then, and make sure you finish it by day's end. Don't try to chug a whole bunch at once, you'll just feel sick. [In extreme cases, this can even be toxic!] Your body needs constant, steady hydration... best just to sip every few minutes.

Drink at least 2 liters of water every day, especially when you're not eating. And if you can, make sure to restore your electrolytes daily too, especially if you're purging. (Shameless plug: Walmart sells little sports drink mix packets called "Replenish" which infuse your water with a little bit of flavor, plus the necessary electrolytes, and ZERO calories! You can find them with the Koolaid/Gatorade mixes.)

If you are plenty hydrated and still feeling dizzy/lightheaded...
First, immediately SIT DOWN. Even if you just have to squat, lean forward and get your head between your knees. If you're in public, you can pretend you dropped an earring or you're looking for your contact, or tying your shoe. Don't panic, breathe deeply, and relax until the feeling goes away.

If you're standing, DON'T just bend at the waist and DON'T lock your knees! You will be sure to faint. And if you cause a scene, people may try to feed you. You must bend at the knees and do whatever it takes to restore the bloodflow to your brain. Generally this means slowing down and getting low, so that your heart doesn't have to pump so hard.


amyyyy said...

your a insperation! :)
im doing well today too, reading your blogs is really helping me so thanks!
it makes it soo much eaiser knowing that someone else is doing the same and makes is all more normal! :)
happy to hear about your BMI your doing well keep on going! :)
unfortunatly i dont have Facebook only email and myspace..any good?
"nothing tastes better than the feel of feeling thin"
love you to the bones!!

J said...

This may sound selfish. Is there any way you could update youre blog twice a day? I find my addiction to reading youre blog brings me back here a few times a day when I get to wondering what you are up to and how you're fast is progressing. I end up checking in to see if by change you had updated it each day. (btw my fast is going good @ 20 cals a day total consumption since the start).