Tuesday, October 23, 2007

After first day of fasting, down FOUR POUNDS. Good.

Still not quite good enough. Never enough. I need to lose the other five pounds by Saturday morning. If I can do that, I'll have a little 240-calorie sushi dish on Saturday night, then back to fasting to get down another three-to-five.

Thank God for my new part-time gig at Starbucks. They sure do keep you on your toes. And even with all the drinks I had to make and "taste", I know I didn't go over 500 calories today. Yet the pace there keeps you hopping, so I know I burned more than I took in.

And so far I'm doing well balancing both the part-time coffee shop and the film/tv career. Had a fantastic audition for a commercial today, and still made it to my shift on time. On the first break of my shift, landed a voiceover to be canned on Thursday. Hooray!

Tomorrow: day 3 of the five-day fast to lose 9 pounds gained during shooting last week. A little bit of shopping in the morning, a short shift in the afternoon, and the gym for a good hard spin in the evening! Gotta get those last five gone!


Anonymous said...

i'm so happy for you! down 4 pounds??? in ONE day?? you are so lucky. i've had nothing but water..and i've gained over a pound. i hate my body.

hello123 said...

Anonymous, i get what you mean - it happened to me before and i got so distressed i ended beating myself up and crying. but don't worry it's just water retention. However, even when on a fast, drink only when you need to. If you manage to continue on your fast, you will find that you will eventually lose the weight. Be patient =-D

Anonymous said...

You are truly a most interesting character. I think I might try this "ana" thing out.