Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just a quick note before I dash out the door to a busy day... as of today, this blog has been viewed 2000 times. Not bad for only 90 posts!


J said...

Just to be fair, you should post a picture of youreself so we readers can compare you to the fat fuck youre ex is dating. I figure that you probably want to remain anonymous, but a single picture is worth more than a thousand words you know.
By the way, I've been looking at youre blog once every day or so for the last few months. It's become part of my morning routine. Wake up, have small breakfast, brush my teeth, check out youre blog for updates, off to work...


Anonymous said...

I personally read your posts because i love your sincerity (im sorry, english is not my mother language).
One thing that can be very interesting is that you put a picture of your body (you dont have to show us your face) and see the changes. Its just a recomendation, but if you dont want to its okay. Congrats for being so popular! :)