Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm so disgusted by some of the things I've read on my own blog from the past two months. How the hell could I even THINK of eating???

I've been fasting for two solid days now, going into my third today, and I feel flippin' fantastic! Coffee is great, but it works so much better to hype you up on an empty stomach! And fasting has this great way of clearing my mind, making me feel more alert, more aware of myself. It feels great to be EMPTY.

I am starting to get just a little bit jittery. I've had the fuel of broken friendships to spur me on the past couple of days. But today the anger is beginning to subside, leaving room for hunger. I love feeling empty, but my energy is beginning to wane.

I found these South Beach diet box lunches at the grocery store on sale. Less than 300 calories for some chicken, chips, and a jello dessert cup. If I can't stand it anymore, I might have one. But then that's it... fasting again for at least another 48 hours before I eat again.

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