Saturday, August 11, 2007

vvvvvvvvvvv*** CAFFEINATED RAMBLING THOUGHTS ***vvvvvvvvvvv

Day 3 of the liquid fast went very well. Could not WAIT to try those V8 Fusion fruit/veg juices this morning and they were a GREAT breakfast! Kept me from having the 1 cup of grapes I was considering last night - yay! (Note to self: must go back to the store and stock up on these little delights while they're on sale...)

I can tell my body has gotten rid of all the nutrients and carbs and stuff from food, because suddenly just a little bit of coffee goes a long way. I am super-buzzed right now! I can't even keep my thoughts straight!

It feels great though... I can't believe I've only had ONE banana (as far as solid food) in the last three days. I'm not at all hungry or sluggish, but I know I'm starving, which makes me feel BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Well... maybe it's also that I haven't had just a "LITTLE BIT" of coffee... :) Today I've had a 24 oz cappuccino, a 12 oz coke zero, and a Venti Starbucks, all within about seven hours. Wooot!

All liquid, but still almost 700 calories! Ack! How much of that goes straight through, and how much sticks to your hips and needs to be burned?? We'll see how it stacks up on the scale tomorrow.

Down another pound this morning - hooray! Still not back to 125, but getting close. Tomorrow is the last day of the official "Liquid Fast."

After that, my schedule is cram-packed for the next five days, so I'm going to have to eat. I'll just have to be careful not to overload or binge, and undo all the hard work of the last four days. "Frugality and Restriction" will be my saving graces.

Tomorrow, a loooooooonnng day of shopping to keep me moving and distracted. I love the cool look of walking around a mega-mall with a Venti Starbucks cup in hand, so who knows how many of those I'll have tomorrow! I know there are at least 2 Starbucks kiosks inside the mall I'm going to. And I've pretty much decided to get another one of those yummy 24 oz cappuccino's on the ride out there. (Note to self: MUST remember to take at least 2 liters of water with me to temper all the caffeine!)

As it is already 10:30 at night and I need to go to bed before 1 am, I'm going to watch another movie and take a melatonin to try to dry up the caffeine so I can sleep properly tonight.

Lord knows, I am NOT taking care of my body this way! Living moment to moment, living on liquids only, carelessly ingesting as much caffeine as I want, not getting proper sleep or proper nutrition in any way... it's that "suicide-rush" that I've been trying to achieve with my donut-binges lately, only in a lower-calorie manner. I love it!!!!!!!

I only wish I didn't have to work for the next week or so... I still can't believe this is DAY THREE with NO FOOD and I don't even feel a little bit hungry! It makes me VERY curious to see how long I could go like this. Right now I feel like I could go for a full week, maybe even longer.

Imagine! One whole week with absolutely NO solid food!!! I've never accomplished that... boy, would I love to give it a try...

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