Sunday, August 19, 2007

Down three pounds today. Two days left to go on this 4-day liquid fast.

I've become such a coffee snob; it's great. I like the fake-a-ccinos at one convenience store, but not the other, despite their having the same price (and considerably lower than Starbucks). I like to fill a 24 oz. cup with half-cappuccino, 1/4 hazelnut steamer, and 1/4 vanilla latte. mmmmmmmmmmm. Somehow, this also tends to lend a little more caffeine kick (or it could be that, as the fast goes on, there's less and less inside carbs to soak it up).

I'm also enjoying the effects of the tanning I've signed up for. I go for the minimum time, but I love that little extra "glow" it gives me. For health reasons, I'm not really supposed to lie in a tanning bed, but I don't really see the difference between this and lying out in the Caribbean sun. My whole family has died from cancer, and here I am trying to kill myself with an eating disorder. So what's the difference?

And I've got a new outlook at the gym. I can tell that I'm losing muscle mass from the on-and-off fasting and bingeing, so I'm trying to mix a considerable amount of weightlifting in with the cardio. I'm hoping to build back some calorie-burning-muscle, and also hope that the mix of cardio/w'lifting/cardio will cause an "intervals" effect of keeping my metabolism running for longer. And while I'm still tabulating cardio distance (my goal is to run/walk/ellipse 1000 miles in 2007), I've quit keeping up with calories-burned. Now it's more about paying attention to my body -- for what good is it to "press on and keep going" today if it's going to cause me to want to pig out when I get home because I'm so miserably depleted of calories?

The pounds are going to come off slower this time, I'm sure of it. Of course the fifteen pounds I put on on the ship would have come off easiest. But now I'm working on weight that I've been carrying for ten years. It's going to be considerably more difficult. So I'm attempting the "slow and steady" course.


P.S. Sometime last weekend, this blog surpassed 1000 views. Not bad for a blog that only has less than 100 entries. ;)

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