Sunday, August 12, 2007

125!!! I can hardly believe it! Praise the Lord!! (Although He's probably REALLY pissed at me right now for abandoning my walk with Him again to go with ana...)

125! I'm back down to the weight I was going into my LAST big audition, just in time for my next big audition tomorrow. And I still have all day today to continue the liquid fast!

This is DEFINITELY the kind of fast I could get used to. What a shame!! I have to work for the next few days and will have to eat at least a little. But perhaps if I keep over-caffeinating, I will be less tempted to binge and more tempted to restrict. I know I'm going to get a LOT of walking in today, plus shopping is supposed to raise your heartrate too...

Well, one thing's for sure... it's not hard to over-caffeinate in Manhattan! There are over 170 Starbucks locations on this little island! There's TWO locations on some corners!!! (Unfortunately, there are nearly as many Dunkin' Donuts...)

HOORAY FOR CAFFEINE!!! HOORAY FOR STARBUCKS!!! Please, Ana, please... could I finally break this 125 barrier?!? Can I finally bust through the plateau and at least be 124 by tomorrow when I have to start eating again???

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