Sunday, July 15, 2007

Very disappointed. This morning only back down to 127. :::sigh:::

I knew yesterday's workout, great as it was, would not undo all the damage. I also admit, I foolishly gave in to over 300 calories (albeit liquid) after 9 pm, most of which had no chance to burn off before bedtime. Top that with only six hours of sleep, and I guess I'm LUCKY to have lost a pound at all.

Here's the outlook: I was hoping to be down to 122 by Wednesday. Today is already day 2 of the fast, and so probably my last chance at getting in a good hard workout. Tomorrow I'll most likely be wiped out from the lack of intake calories, and rightly so. I'll be lucky to have the energy to get up and get myself to Starbucks and/or the bookstore. Hopefully possibly I can convince myself to take a stroll around the neighborhood. And day 4, I have pretty much discounted having any energy to leave the house at all.

But who knows? Maybe the Lord will come through and provide me with enough stamina to get to the gym all four days, even if it's just for 1000-calorie burn the last few days. Even STILL, will that be enough to get myself down to 122 pounds by Wednesday???

My good senses tell me: no. So now the question becomes: what do I do on Wednesday if I have NOT reached my goal of 122? Have one day of sensible eating (sushi) followed by another 3- or 4-day fast? Or just stretch this fast for a few more days??

At this point, I'm feeling like I'll be able to stretch my 4-day fast for a few more days with a few changes to the intake plan. I have just come to the end of my first two juice bottles: the Pomegranate/Cranberry and Grapefruit, so it's time to buy more. And now my body is to a point where I can comfortably take in only one serving of juice and one Venti Starbucks on a given liquid-fast day, workout or not, and be able to manage comfortably on those 400 calories.

I have a whole bunch of frozen fruit in the freezer, uneaten from last Friday's planned binge, which needs to be consumed before it goes bad. (I absolutely detest wasting food.) And the Berry Blast smoothie that I've fallen in love with is just a little too expensive to become a daily habit along with my Starbucks habit just yet. ($2.58 smoothie + $4.51 starbucks = $7.09 DAILY habit for just 380 calories? For seven bucks a day, I might as well EAT.)

If I can purchase a $1 can of frozen juice concentrate and a $2 container of non-fat frozen yogurt, I could blend them with the frozen berries and bananas and create my own fresh blended daily smoothie for significantly cheaper, and still keep the calorie-count down.

So this is the plan over the next few days: workout as much as my body deems possible, do some research on juice and yogurt, and experiment with creating my own fruit smoothie.

Still aiming to be 122 by Wednesday. If it doesn't happen, I will reassess and decide what to do on that very morning. Right now it's looking like I'll just attempt to extend the fast by a few days until I DO reach 122. And of course, all of this could easily be completely disrupted by something as simple as that film I'm booked for finally deciding to shoot, or some other unexpected change in my schedule.

127 today. 3 days left to drop 5 pounds. Seems unlikely. Saltwater flush this morning, followed by a long haul at the gym and CAREFULLY restrictive eating for the next three days - even if it means becoming anti-social to avoid temptations like what I went through last night.

Next Sunday would have been day 34 of the "great 34-day fast." I wanted to be 120 by then. It's still only 7 days and 7 pounds away. Think I can still do it???

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Your amazing, you inspire me so much (: