Monday, July 2, 2007

Today was a good day. Except for waking up with 3 extra pounds.

Still fueled by yesterday's extraordinary binge, I didn't feel the need to eat much. Sitting at Starbucks, I finished my book while finishing my scheduled Venti. Waiting on a friend, I opted for a Tall to go, making an even caloric substitution to skip the soup-at-hand.

At the gym, fueled by a weekend off, 32 ounces of coffee, and what's left of yesterday's carb-lush binge, I went 12 miles and burned 1394 calories in 3 hours. When I got home, thanking God for an empty house, had my scheduled rice krispies, a shower, and I'm still working on a can of coke zero. I won't even crack open the flavored water.

Gotta make it an early night. Got an early start and a long day tomorrow.

Total in today: 338 calories.
Total out today: 1394 calories.
Daily deficit: -1056 calories.

For this, I am not expecting to meet my scheduled goal tomorrow of 127 lbs. But anything less than 131 will be acceptable, for now.

Tomorrow, as I said, will be quite busy. Good - lots of distraction. But business requires energy, so I'm trying to plan accordingly.

Scheduled to wake up at 5:15 am. I don't anticipate being too hungry at this incredible hour. I'll take my grapefruit juice bottle with me (130 calories), and buy a Venti Starbucks on the way out of town, drinking it first (160 calories).

Will be on set for five hours. If hunger outweighs distraction, suck on the grapefruit juice. Not expecting a lunch break or a crafts table, but if it's there, I'll use excuses: "Not feeling entirely well. Thanks anyway."

From the set to another audition, which is only a stone's throw away. If there's any juice left, finish it. Otherwise, get a bottled water from the set to take with me.

After the audition, come home, pack for the gym. IF hunger is getting to me, have a soup-at-hand before I go (90 calories). Have a light workout in what limited time there will be, but aim to burn at least 1000 calories. Just keep in mind, there will be NO recovery treat at home. Only a coke zero or flavored water.

Take only enough time at the computer to chronicle the day, probably blog entry here, plan tomorrow, then early to bed. Quicker to sleep, more hours to not eat.

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