Monday, July 16, 2007

This morning: down another pound to 126. Praise the Lord.

I dug into my bible last night and found renewed strength for the remainder of the journey. Together, the Lord and I are going to be strong until I am down to 122, no matter how many days it takes. So this is no longer just a "4-day fast." This is a fast to "call on the strength of the Lord."

Currently at 126, I am four pounds away from my goal. I'm not saying it's impossible to lose four pounds in the next 45 hours, because nothing is impossible through Christ who gives me strength, but when He and I seriously sit down and discuss, it looks highly unlikely that this fast will last any less than 3 more days, at least. And now I'm ok with that.

I am going to take in no more than 300 calories of liquid (and if need be, fruit) each day until I have worked myself down to 122 pounds. After that, I'm going to try to work myself back into eating habits, at least every other day, until I have maintained/hovered around 122-125 for one week before I try another multi-day fast.

For today, I'm feeling much rested and restored. I've started on my morning smoothie, and I'm hoping it will carry me through at least three hours at the gym today, before I come home and have another night of rest and reading.

God is good.

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