Wednesday, July 18, 2007

There is GOOD news and there is BAD news:

The good news is: I had a PHENOMENAL amount of energy today at the gym! Not only did I get my heart rate up (at fucking LAST), but I was able to go 10% harder than usual!!

The bad news is: I had no choice but to eat out with my friend today. A burger and fries was what was fueling me at the gym. And because I was out so long, and I have to be home early tonight to prepare for tomorrow's big audition, I only got to spend an hour and a half on cardio and fifteen minutes punching out 200 crunches on the Nautilus and Core weighted machines.

The good news is: I burned 840 calories in nearly 8 miles at the gym. The bad news is: I definitely ate WAY more than that at the diner this afternoon.

The good news is: I now feel quite re-energized and alive for my big audition tomorrow. The bad news is: I also feel like a fat fucking cow, and I'm going to feel even more so when I wake up to being 130 again and I STILL have to eat breakfast and a light lunch before the audition.

The good news is: As soon as I get home tomorrow night, promptly at 8 pm, I will have all the enthusiasm in the world to begin a new marathon fast!!!

I'm thinking about something SJ wrote in her note (Kudos to you, my brave girl!!!!) - maybe if I commit to a small, healthy breakfast every morning (maybe 300 calories or so, like oatmeal and a banana) and THEN my juice and/or coffee (no more than 300 calories) for the remainder of the day, it will be enough to get my metabolism motor started first thing in the morning, curb the evening cravings, and then I can will it to keep my heart rate up throughout my workout until bedtime again.

More good news: another film audition on Friday afternoon and a quick gig Friday evening are going to be great distractions from eating on the first day of my new fast. (I'm going to call it "Restricting to 122." And it's going to last for as long as it takes until I'm down to that weight!) The bad news is: the way the audition and gig are timed will leave no opportunity to go to the gym or even out for a hike that day. :-p

Ecclesiastes 7:14
"When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other."


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