Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Thank God, all of last night’s hopes came true. I am back down to 128 lbs (22 BMI) this morning.

I woke up today with the realization that all the goals I had set during the fast are not going to be as-quickly-achievable without actually fasting, but only seriously restricting and exercising. So a major overhaul of my goals is in order.

I am finally down to a weight where I am not completely ashamed to post my high and lows and goals. So here goes:

Where I’ve been and where I'm going:
165 lbs/BMI 28.31 – Highest weight EVER, Autumn of 2003
147 lbs/BMI 25.23 – latest return to Ana, after leaving my ship, spring 2007
128 lbs/BMI 22.00 - current weight, summer 2007
125 lbs/BMI 21.45 – lowest weight I can remember having been, during a highly physical musical (EVERYONE said I looked so good!), summer 1998
98 lbs/BMI 16.8 - ten pounds underweight, the standard for my industry, Winter 2007

My height is 5’ 4”. According to BMI Standards, “healthy” is between 18.5 and 25.0 BMI. So according to…
BMI’s Standard Goals:
Underweight = <18.5 BMI = <107 lbs
Healthy = 18.5 – 24.9 BMI = 108 – 145 lbs
Overweight = 25.0 – 29.9 BMI = 146 – 174 lbs
Obese = >30.0 BMI = >175 lbs

Jesus! I can’t believe how dangerously close I was to being obese!!! TEN POUNDS!!! Thankfully, I lost 35 pounds while being very sick in the next 9 months after that, and pretty much kept it down for the next several years. I’ve been teetering on that top edge of that “healthy BMI” range since then (about 3 years).

Yes, it’s definitely time to take drastic measures and get away from that edge. Better to be teetering on the edge of “underweight” than “overweight.” So here we go:

My PERSONAL goals:
NOTE: In my career field, if you’re underweight – you’re healthy; if you’re healthy – you’re fat; and if you’re fat – you’re fired. So ten pounds underweight is a sensible place to get to and STAY. I am trying to reach that goal by October 1st of this year, less than three months away. (That’s 2 ½ lbs per week, which should be manageable.)

98 lbs/16.8 BMI - Ultimate Goal Weight (10/1/07)
99 lbs/17.0 BMI – double-digits goal!!!
105 lbs/18.0 BMI – Goal #5 (9/15/07)
108 lbs/18.5 BMI - Lowest “healthy” BMI weight (9/1/07)
111 lbs/19.0 BMI – Goal #3 (8/15/07)
117 lbs/20.0 BMI – Goal #2 (8/1/07)
122 lbs/21.0 BMI – Goal #1 (7/18/07)
128 lbs/22.0 BMI – Current weight (7/4/07)
134 lbs/23.0 BMI
140 lbs/24.0 BMI
145 lbs/25.0 BMI – Highest “healthy” BMI weight
Anything higher is unacceptable, and should not even be considered…

And goals deserve to be rewarded! Rewards give us something to aim for, something to strive for, something to encourage us to push just that little bit harder on the treadmill or to slap our own hand away from grabbing “just one more” bit of food.

If you are depriving yourself of food, then a “cheat day” reward tells your body “Goals Achieved means Hunger Relieved!” (Ok, shutup, this is my way of justifying Sunday’s binge. But hopefully it will prevent further undeserved binges!)

Currently, I am at 22 BMI. My new plan is to reward myself with a “cheat day” of some of (not ALL of) my favorite foods each time I reach the next lower BMI point. Here is that list:

Goals and rewards:
128 lbs/22.0 BMI (achieved July 1st) - an entire pot of macaroni and cheese with chicken, plus all the Pretzel Sparklers I could fit in my mouth
122 lbs/21.0 BMI (aiming for July 18th) – a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast, where I’ll have one glazed donut, one cinnamon twist, and all the whole milk I can guzzle; one-third of a roll of oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough (my own special recipe!) frozen and uncooked; and one pint of some very sinful flavor of ice cream, probably with lots of chocolate
117 lbs/20.0 BMI (aiming for August 1st) – an entire Sicilian pizza from my favorite pizza joint, dunked in fat-free ranch dressing, plus 3 pumpkin whoopee pies (an Amish treat worth about 600 calories apiece!)
111 lbs/19.0 BMI (aiming for August 15th) – haven’t decided yet
108 lbs/18.5 BMI (aiming for September 1st) – this is not on an exact BMI point, but it will be the last three pounds of being “healthy” and so deserves a reward!
105 lbs/18.0 BMI (aiming for September 15th) – haven’t decided yet
99 lbs/17.0 BMI (double-digits goal!) – haven’t decided yet, but this one is going to be SUPER-Special! Maybe a trip out to my favorite restaurant with a whole lot of friends to celebrate!
98 lbs/16.8 BMI (the ULTIMATE!!!) – this goal, once achieved, can only be celebrated once with a cheat day. After that, I will need to stabilize my metabolism again, to make sure the weight NEVER comes back on.

Now before you go preaching to me – YES! I understand that each of these “cheat days” will set me back up and over my achieved goal. But they will give me the energy I need to burn those temporary setback pounds, and a well-deserved reminder of the next great cheat day to strive for!!!

So many things could potentially get in the way of my Ultimate Goal to reach 98 lbs by October 1st, not the least of which is the potential to be cast out to sea on another ship before I’m done losing weight. If that happens, they will weigh me when I arrive, and I will have no choice but to hold steady at that weight until my contract ends.

In a way that’s good. By that time, I will have lost a considerable amount of weight from where I’ve been settled for years. Forcing my weight to stay stable at a lower number (like I have done at 140, down from 165) will stabilize my metabolism, and make picking up the weight loss effort after the contract a little easier.

30 pounds to go! Less than 3 months to do it! Off to the gym with my fat ass!!!

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