Sunday, July 15, 2007

Once again, I'm home way too late to bother to elaborate much. Here goes:

Great workout day today. Burned 1922 calories at the gym in a 4-hour marathon, plus 100 crunches with 50-lbs resistance on the Nautilus.

Was doing GREAT with intake. Had a grapefruit juice (140 cals) for energy on the way to the gym. Had my Venti Starbucks (160 cals) on the way home as a recovery treat. Even danced around a bit at church, and never stopped shaking my legs and feet during the sermon, hopefully burned a bit more. Was feeling FABULOUS!

But a friend asked me out after church and I obliged. Luckily, we went to a coffeehouse where I was able to have liquids only. Got a non-fat cinnamon steamer (SUPER-YUM! but 170 calories), and later I could not politely turn down a fruit smoothie sent to my table (154 calories).

Total intake for the day: 614.
Total output for the day: 1922+.

Still doesn't kill all the damage I did yesterday, so gonna start out tomorrow morning with a good saltwater flush while doing laundry, and catching up on computer paperwork, followed by a long hard romp at the gym (aiming for 2000 calories... if I could have stayed any longer at the gym today, I would have made it.)

P.S. My friend hadn't seen me in about 8 days, and commented that "You've lost more weight!" which set off some alarm bells. I was able to coerce her that it was just an illusion of the shirt I was wearing, and then I managed to change the subject. But secretly, the compliment felt good. Truth be told, I was 129 last time I saw her, right before the Quiznos/pretzels binge, and 128 today after a 3-lb gain from yesterday's binge. So maybe all that work at the gym today really did manage to undo quite a bit of yesterday's damage.

Only tomorrow morning's scale knows for sure...........

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