Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ok, so maybe four days of binging last week got my metabolism revving again. But sadly it has also caused me to be uncontrollable when it comes to eating. :::sigh:::

Yesterday, I took in 1015 calories.
Today, I took in 795 calories.
Following this pattern, tomorrow I will attempt to take in only 605 calories...
...and so forth until I get myself down to 122. Then I can have a ONE-DAY sushi treat, then back to the severe restricting (and even more juice fasting if things get dire) so that I can meet my goal of being 120 lbs by August 3rd.

The one good thing about consuming all these calories is that I'm keeping my metabolism running, and I've been getting some good HARD cardio workouts in at the gym. Tonight I hauled ass for a good 2 1/2 hours, and burned 1385 calories. Hooray! And that's even ON TOP OF the 30-45 minutes I spent cranking out some freeweights work on my arms while watching Babel in the freezing cold basement this morning, and fidgeting all through Wedding Crashers this afternoon.

Maybe HOPEFULLY I can be down to 125 tomorrow. I still think 124 is just too much to hope for at this point. :-/

Tomorrow's 605 calories will be: oatmeal for breakfast (a new Weight Control kind with SEVEN friggin grams of fiber! Geez - if that doesn't make things move...)(160 cals + 40 for the ff milk), a Venti Starbucks (160 cals) following a kick-ass morning workout... And as long as I'm 125 when I wake up and get a killer good workout at the gym, the afternoon will be filled with lots of pre-planned FRUIT: 1 cup of frozen berries (65 cals), 3 small plums (90 cals), and a banana (90 cals).

Hopefully that will be enough to keep me distracted all day. The plan is somewhat formulated around the fact that I've finally given in to "Sa"s pleas for help. She has a shift at (where else?) Starbucks until 4 pm. So I'm going to try DESPERATELY to drag my ass out of bed and into the gym by 10 am (giving myself 3 hours to pump out all the cardio I can), then come home, clean up, and meet her there (and consequently get my Starbucks reward) at the end of her shift. Then I'll follow her out to her house to get crackin' on the packin'.

That means an early bedtime tonight. I felt like I got a lot accomplished today. Let's hope it pays off on the scale in the morning.

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