Thursday, July 12, 2007

I have SO much to do, so much to say. But I am absolutely weak as a kitten right now. I can't believe I'm even sitting here typing.

Tomorrow I will finally break the 2nd consecutive 3-day fast. I know the food in my system is going to give me the energy to write a HUGE blog entry. So please tune in tomorrow for that.

For now, hear this:

Today's calories in: 290
Today's calories out: 510+

Three-day fast calories in: 1100
Three-day fast calories out: 1716 at the gym, + indidentals/metabolism

Pounds lost in the first 2 days: 2 lbs (current weight 126)
Hoping to have lost just ONE MORE POUND when I wake up tomorrow.

Whether or not I have reached 125 tomorrow, I'm planning to have 2 days of reasonable eating, then embarking on a serious 4-day liquid-fast again, to try to attain my first short-term goal of 122 lbs by Wednesday, the 18th. If I can do that, I get my cheat day of donuts, ice cream, and cookie dough. If not.... not.

But for now, I've only barely got the strength to get undressed and shove myself over into that bed. Will set my alarm for 8 AM and then....

~~Lord, Jesus, please PLEASE let me be 125 lbs tomorrow so that I won't feel so guilty about eating for the next two days. Please restore my energy so that I can fully devote myself to the 4-day fast and the goal at it's end. Praise You for all the strength You've graced me with for the past week with these two fasts. Your Name is worthy to be praised!~~


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