Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hour-long walk around the neighborhood this morning while sipping my coffee breakfast. 275 in, who knows how many out. Did some talking with God along the way.

The gig went so well I was finished within a half-hour and allowed to go home early. Yes!!! Still getting paid for the whole 2-hour shift. Hurrah! ~~Thank you, Lord, for this mercy!!~~

Sped home like a demon knowing this means I might be able to squeeze in an evening workout after all. Made it to the gym by 5:45 (they close at 7 pm).

Spent an hour straight on the treadmill, intending to do speed intervals. But every time I tried to run, God was screaming at me, "But you haven't eaten in two days! Just take it easy! At least you're here!" so I relented to walk briskly the whole time. Went 3 1/4 miles and burned 258 calories anyway. Then headed upstairs and cranked out crunches until they kicked me out.

Naturally, on the way home I didn't feel fully worked out, so I stopped over to Central Park for a hike. Hiked for about an hour until the sunset, didn't have my pedometer with me (poor planning), but it was probably at least 3 miles of heavy hiking. More talking with God along the way, encouragement. :)

So overall, I probably burnt about 1000 cals today. And I had my "recovery" glass of fat-free milk when I came home, before my shower. So 355 cals in, total. Not bad.

But now it's 9:30 and I'm bushed. That's ok. Gotta get up early for church, so it doesn't hurt to go to bed a little early.

Still, I can't believe I've gone 2 whole days barely feeling hungry. ~~Thank You, Jesus!!!~~ Tomorrow's going to be the hardest day yet. Church in the morning (will probably get Starbucks on the way), shopping in the afternoon (need a new business suit for a film shoot next week), then hopefully I won't be so exhausted from the lack of food that I can go to the gym and crank out some cardio until they kick me out at 9pm.

If I make it through the day on just the one coffee, I might treat myself to another at the bookstore later. ;)


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