Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good news: will have eaten 665 calories by the end of today (315 liquid, 350 food), and went for a leisurely but lovely 4.3 mile hike on a marvelous evening tonight. After my shower, even with wet hair, I'm already down to 126.

Looks like food was what my metabolism was crying for. Just a tiny bit of food to get the home fires burning again. Hopefully I'll be 125 after my hair dries, and maybe (oh, please Lord, PLEASE!!!) 124 or even 123 after an eight-hour sleep and a morning pee??????????? Is it too much to hope for???

The hike was still tough. If the sounds of my innards is any indication, I think most of my energy is being spent on digestion.

Tomorrow I'll have to be careful as well. I'm meeting a friend in the morning at 9 am, and I may be with her through lunchtime. So more than likely, she'll invite me to eat something. We're supposed to be packing her things throughout the morning (she's moving the first week of August) so maybe I can stay pre-occupied with that long enough to (Oops!) miss lunch.

If I have to go to lunch, I MUST remember to keep my portions small and get a helluva workout tomorrow night. I want so DESPERATELY to be 122 by Thursday morning so that I can feel free to eat well for my big audition.

I went through all my clothes tonight looking for that perfect combination for the audition. WOW!!! My standby black dress pants are nearly falling off my hips! This is a good thing, but it's just too bad I can't wear them to the audition because they are really THAT baggy, they look bad (but it feels so GOOD!).

And my ass looks AWESOME in my black dance pants! I think I'm going to wear those with a cream-colored halter which nicely shows off my newly protruding shoulder bones and trim guns, and is loose enough I can give them a flash of my whittled waist if they need it.

For the singing audition, I think I'd like to wear my cream-colored 4-inch heels, just to give me that extra height I need. But I've got a black dress that looks better than my cream dress, so I'm torn. My black heels are desperately old and manky, and don't offer the same lift as my cream heels. :::sigh::: Choices.

Maybe I can convince my friend to go shoe-shopping with me tomorrow instead of out to lunch! I'll just only take enough money to buy shoes, and then I (oops!) won't have enough money to buy lunch! Hooray! (I think I'm so clever...)

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Anonymous said...

you've probably heard this so many times, but you really are such an inspiration. Every time I fall back, I only have to read one of your entries and you give me the boost i need to keep going.
Really struggling at the moment especially, what with taking my exams, so I feel guilty not eating cause I need the energy! thankyou so much for writing this blog.