Sunday, July 15, 2007

Further disappointment. I only got about 10 and a 1/2 miles at the gym (and 150 Nautical crunches) before my body gave up on me. I only burned 1119 calories (was aiming for 2000).

Maybe because of this morning's saltwater flush.
Maybe because I only got six hours of sleep, and I'm SO not a morning-workout person.
Maybe because all the calories I put in my body a few days ago were JUNK instead of helpful.

Whatever the case, my body is drained, and I couldn't force myself any further at the gym.

I'm home now. I'm gonna take a shower and not bother with doing hair or makeup. I haven't decided yet whether I deserve my coffee or not. So far, I've taken in 210 calories of nothing but pom/cran juice. The coffee would be another 160. We'll see.

Other things to fill up my evening: watch a movie, do some reading and journaling, do my bible study (and find a name/mantra for this 4-day fast), head out to the coffeeshop/bookstore to get out of the house, do some more laundry.


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