Saturday, July 7, 2007

Down four pounds this morning, but still not back to the weight I was the morning of the binge. Slowly but surely.

Going to the gym this morning was going to be a silly idea. What can you seriously accomplish in an hour and a half? Maybe 500 calories? But just enough muck and sweat that I'd have to rush home and take a chance that the shower would not be available at my beckoned call, risking being late to my gig this afternoon. Nah, not worth it.

I hate working out in the mornings anyway. I'm a creature of the night by nature.

So I got up and sat down to my computer. Rumble - damn stomach. Well, that ain't happening. So I decided to walk over to the local convenience store and get a cheap (but grotesquely large) fake-accino. As long as I'm not counting calories, as long as it's liquid, I'm doing ok.

God that thing tasted horrible. But it was a nice morning for a walk, so I figured I'd pace around the neighborhood while finishing up my morning coffee, ditching the evidence before I get home. Besides, I still need to unload the groceries from the back of my car into the house, and there's a little cousin asleep on the couch that I'd hate to disturb.

Twenty-four ounces and two miles later, I returned home. All this time to think is stirring up my creative juices, so I sort of wrote a story in my head along the way. Something for the family history journal. Anyway.

Just to be on the safe side, I'm counting the coffee as about 275 calories. Jesus, it was sickening sweet. But now I feel uncomfortably full, not at all hungry, fully caffeinated, and I can feel my blood pumping. Still home in time to get a little blogging done (and maybe a little weightlifting?) before I have to start getting prissied up for the gig, no shower necessary.

~~Thank you, Lord, for this inspired morning. Be with me today; be my strength to resist the temptation of solid foods; grant me travelling mercies; grant me charm to accomplish a stellar gig, and enough energy to burn more than I consume today. Praise You for the four pounds disappeared this morning. May it be four more by tomorrow. Forgive me, dear Lord, for my gluttony. This liquid fast I offer as repentance to You. Amen.~~

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