Thursday, July 5, 2007

Damnit. Yesterday was a GOOD day. Or so I thought. But instead of being down a pound today, I'm up one.

Damnit. I hate plateaus.

I know this is only happening because I haven't been lower than this weight for a VERY long time. I've dipped down to 130 a couple of times (at least once a year) in the past four years. But before that, I only got down to 125 for about three weeks during the summer of 1998. That's NINE FUCKING YEARS AGO.

So this plateau calls for some drastic measures. Thank God - empty house this morning. FINALLY. That means I can do my saltwater flush today.

They say this gets easier each time you do it. The hardest part is chugging nearly a LITER of water within a half-hour, especially when you're used to sipping constantly throughout the day and barely eating so that your stomach is shrunk to the size of a pea.

The second hardest part is having that God-awful FULL feeling in your stomach until the intestines start making it move. After being back to ana and restricting for one month now, I'm pretty sure my digestive system has gone on strike again.

Well, not this morning, damn you!!! Maybe it's sheer willpower (whereas the first time I did this I was a little bit nervous and scared). Maybe because I didn't heat the water up quite so hot, so I don't have to wait so long for it to cool down. Last time I got four cups in just barely under the half-hour mark. This time I've got three cups in within the first fifteen minutes.

Chug, chug, chug. Then distraction - yay for blogging. What's going to be evacuated from my overstocked intestines this morning? Everything since the last saltwater flush basically. Including last weekend's dessert/mac&cheese binge. Including gallons of coffee, about 3 cups of rice krispies, 2 popsicles, 36 mini-ricecakes, one soup-at-hand. OH! - Saturday night's Cracker Barrel coercion(so sad). And the whole bag of salad from food shopping the day before that....

Ugh, almost two full weeks of food is stuck in my intestines.

But ah.... 1 full liter of saltwater is down the hatch in 20 minutes. ;) Yeah... that wasn't quite as bad as last time. And this is certainly SOOOOOO much better than any man-made laxatives for my body. No risk of addiction, no stimulant cramping, best of all - no calories. And $-wise, practically FREE.

The half-hour of waiting begins. Half-hour til the onslaught of evacuation. Like a million little calories sitting in my gut seeing the massive tidal wave of saltwater rushing at them like a tsunami, seeking to destroy, annihilate, crush, and flush them away.

No matter how uncomfortable it is, this is MUCH preferable to throwing up.

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