Monday, July 23, 2007

+++12 days left to lose 6 more pounds.+++

"Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up." -- James 4:10

Yesterday I consumed 0 calories!!! That's right! ZERO!!!! I had one flavored water, one liter water with electrolyte-infuser, and 2 cans of coke zero. I did two hours of intervals cardio, and a half-hour of weightlifting, including 200 crunches. Today I am down 3 pounds to 126. God is so good!

Plan for today:
- Run all the errands I missed yesterday.
- Already had my oatmeal breakfast; only a banana in the afternoon left on the menu, plus one Venti Starbucks, one serving of fruit juice, and otherwise, zero calorie drinks. Praise the Lord.
- Another good hard cardio workout tonight!
- Spend some time with the Lord in prayer today. I hope to be 125 by tomorrow morning, and a new low of 124 on Wednesday. If I can be at least by 124 or even 123 by Thursday, I'll maybe take my friend "Sa" out to eat sushi, as she is moving out of town in about a week and she wants my assistance to help her pack.

I had a comment on the last post that I would like to address:

- No, being that you're a guy is not "creepy." I think it's unique!! :) God loves all His children equally, and as His daughter, striving to be more like Him every day, so do I. Welcome to the blog, I'm glad you like it, I hope you'll subscribe, and I hope to see your own someday. My own eating disorder depends on the thinspiration of others. ;)

- Yes, I too am sad about the box of Walmart donuts. :*( I was sad about the weight gain, but I was more sad about the utter loss of control. THAT'S DEPRESSING. Yes, praise the Lord that I didn't gain too much weight. And praise Him again that it only took me one day to get it back off and get back on track.

- Yes, I also have "cheat days." I find them absolutely NECESSARY to be able to have something to look forward to so you don't cheat every day. I used to have Monday's as my cheat days, but now I'm in a lifestyle where my schedule is extremely random, so I try to schedule my cheat days on days when I know I'll be able to handle it properly. Obviously (re: the walmart incident) sometimes my cheat days determine themselves.

- Purging: I can't do it. I sometimes wish I could. When I binge, I find myself trying to binge enough that my stomach hurts so bad that my body will reject the massive volume of food and I'll just natually throw it up. But there's just something in me that repulses me; I admire someone like you if you find it "fun." You probably lose a lot more calories that way. I've tried the two-finger gag, but it makes me more depressed than I would be to gain weight. Besides, it comes with too many telltale signs - I'm always deathly afraid of being caught at my eating disorder and being sent for "help."

Personally, after a binge, I tend to do marathon cardio workouts. Guess that makes me an "exercise bulimic." Whereas throwing up makes me feel green in the gills, working out is supposed to be a natural way of processing consumed calories, and a good hard sweat leaves me feeling more flushed out and helps me sleep better at night. Not trying to persuade you to switch necessarily - whatever floats your own boat. Just letting you know my story. ;)

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