Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well, day 2 of my sub-100 week sucked at first, but got better gradually.

I only ate 90 calories yesterday, and I fell asleep early. Still catching up from the long week on the road and the travelling, I guess. I woke up nine hours later feeling (what else?) hungry.

So I made myself a cup of green tea, and proceeded to take my vitamins with it. This was probably my biggest mistake. The tea alone would have probably been fine, and would have taken the edge off the hunger and got my day started. But taking the vitamins on an empty stomach was stupid.

Within thirty minutes, I was back in bed with the shivers. After about 10 minutes of laying there in agony, I decided to go ahead and go downstairs to cut up my apple for the day. I was so weak in the knees, that going downstairs was tough.

I came back to my room and nibbled the first slice. Well, that made things WORSE instead of better. I laid down again, but ten minutes later... oops, it was in the trash can. THEN I felt better.

I slept for a good forty minutes before I woke up feeling calm enough to nibble a second piece. It took me a good thirty minutes to nibble all the way through and get the shakes out of my legs.

I went out to lunch with a friend, where I managed to do most of the talking, cutting the food up and pushing it around my plate. Still, I had to have a few bites. I don't think I could have eaten more than about 200 calories.

Then I went out to the storage place to finally pick up my stuff. Lord, I had forgotten how heavy those boxes are! I lugged them all into my car, one or two at a time, so I had to make more trips. Then I lugged them all into the house, same story. Then I trudged them all one at a time upstairs to my room, and unpacked a bit and settled it around the room. It was a good distraction from the remaining six pieces of apple sitting on a plate on my desk, now shriveled from the afternoon heat.

I pulled out my scale and set it down... ah! the moment had arrived! I balanced it out and remembered to myself that I had just eaten a quarter of an apple and a few bites of my sandwich today. Plus it's already late afternoon. (You should always weigh yourself first thing in the morning after you wake up and pee. That's when you're the lightest.)

139 pounds!!! Hallelujah! I dropped seven pounds in the past eight days, just by restricting!!! And remember... that's still not a morning weight!

I finished up the apple slices one at a time each half-hour til the end of the night. After weighing myself and moving around so much, I didn't even really feel hungry, but I want the cinnamon to boost my metabolism. Plus, I don't want to get ahead of myself for next week's big fast!

Seven pounds lighter in one week! Huzzah! Now that's good thinspiration!

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