Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tomorrow I'll be home again!

List of things to do:
  • Sign up at my gym and start planning marathon workouts.

  • Find my OWN apartment and unplug the refrigerator so I can never keep food in the house.

  • Order some Colon-Cleanse to clean all this shit out of my system.

I've been restricting again for almost a week now, and the feeling is fucking euphoric!!! It's so wonderful to be back in control of my own life, with no one to criticize how little I'm eating. I didn't notice how six extra pounds had made my jeans so much tighter until now, now that it's coming off again.

I can't WAIT to get on a scale again! I hope I've lost at least the top six, that's what it feels like. When I begin REALLY fasting, the rest should start to come off...

Ana luv to everyone!

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