Monday, June 11, 2007

I'M HERE!!!!!

I arrived last night, having only had one cup of Starbucks (160 cals) and a chicken wrap (277 cals - boo!). Meantime, I tried to tap my toes and move my arms around as much as possible while I was driving, I took a short 2-hour hike on a mountainside for lunch, and then I moved all the stuff in from my car to the house I'm staying in late last night. Less than 500 cals in... I hope all that burned it off.

This morning is day one of preparing for the great 34-day "Fresh Start" fast! (Thanks to Julia for the inspirational name!) After spending the past week thinning out with restricting (didn't count exactly, but no day over 1000 cals!), I can't WAIT to get my scale out of storage and see where I stand. My pants are sliding down my hips, which is a good sign. My arms feel thinner, I can feel the definition in my quad muscles, I'm cold and shivering a little, and I've been getting dizzy when I stand up too fast. I feel like I could be down about six pounds... more would be nice, but I won't get too hopeful and then be frustrated about failing.

This morning (already 12:30 in the afternoon) I've just made myself a cup of green tea, no sweetener (0 cals). I have to go to the shopping center to buy a few things for the new digs, and only just enough food to not kill myself or give up too soon this week. I am so close to being broke... that's going to be my #1 motivation for not eating. Can't buy food if you don't have $$$!

I need to buy a full-length mirror, 7 liters of water, 1 box (4 patties) of veggie burgers, and 3 apples. That should be enough food to last me all week. The burgers are 90 cals each, so that can be one-meal per day if I just can't bring myself to fast the full day. And I'll pre-cut the apples into eighths (74 cals) and sprinkle them with 1 tbsp cinnamon (18 cals) for an all-day muncher if I have to (total = 92 cals).

I only have one meeting in Manhattan on Wednesday during which I might not be able to excuse myself out of eating. Other than that, if I can have sub-100 calorie days for the next seven days, the great 34-day fast begins after that!! Wish me luck!

Also today, I'm driving out to the storage place to pick up the rest of my stuff, which I'll have to pack into the car, drive into town, then unpack into the house and settle around the room. Don't know exactly how many calories that will burn, but it can't be less than 100. As long as I can eat only one thing today, either a veggieburger or an apple with cinnamon, I'll be losing good. After that, I'll alternate fruit and veggie days. If time allows today, I'm going to go sign up at my gym, and maybe get a little day 1 "fresh start" workout too!

Off to get my scale now! Yippee!!!!

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