Friday, June 22, 2007

Day 5 of the great 34-day fast.

Despite yesterday's great folly with the rice krispie treats, I was down by a half-pound this morning. Thank you, Jesus! Today was a little better. Hardly ANY hunger pains. A little easier to moderate with food, and a little more distraction to keep me busy.

Woke up this morning after only sleeping about five hours. Had my 90-cal veggie burger at about 10:30 am. Delivered my treats to a friend's house already dressed and ready to head to the gym. Was working out by noon.

Worked out for three solid hours - hooray! Two hours of cardio and 1 hour of weightlifting in circuit (half-hour treadmill, half-hour weightlifting, half-hour elliptical, half-hour weightlifting, half-hour elliptical, half-hour weightlifting, half-hour treadmill). It feels so good to be back in a REAL gym doing a FULL workout!!! With no one watching me, no one judging me, no one whispering behind my back, "She's overdoing it again..."

Just me, my bottle of water and the machines. Oh and televisions!!! Ha ha! What a great distraction to the pain of exercising on a nearly empty stomach! Yes, today's workout felt good, and burned a little over 700 calories. Can anyone tell me why an elliptical machine supposedly burns SOOO many more calories per mile than any other machine? Is it because you're moving your arms too?

Came home and made plans to go out with friends tonight as I cut up my apple with ground cinnamon. One friend is moving, so I got to do some heavy lifting and lots of stairs there, worked up a bit of a sweat. And met with another friend at a cafe where I smoothly sipped my cup of ice water while watching her wolf down a salad drenched in Ranch and a breadbowl of potato/sausage soup. Uggggggh. Turns my stomach just thinking about it.

I find it completely AMAZING how, just a few days ago, I thought I'd die from the pain of hunger. But now just thinking about food that I haven't spent a long time planning for, makes me nauseous. I look at a piece of bread and instead of dreamily thinking "mmmm" while my mouth waters, I'm thinking, "refined carbs!!! no!!!!" as I panic and my stomach turns.

I think that's what the "ketones" do in your body. They curb the hungry feeling and naturally suppress your appetite for bad foods. I'm having no problems eating the things I've planned, but that's fruits and vegetables. Lord knows, if I tried eating a ham sandwich right now, with complex carbs in the white bread, sodium-filled lunchmeat, and processed cheese, it probably wouldn't go over too well with my stomach, or else my bowels.

Hooray! No more hunger! Now only blissfully dwindling numbers to look forward to each morning!!!

I'll be real pissed if tomorrow's number isn't at least a half-pound lower than today. I worked damn hard, despite that I willfully put 180 calories in my body. But, it gives me great peace to know that I have three more juice-fast days coming up now, and I'm signed up to be able to go the gym anytime I want for as long as I want - no questions asked. Hurray!!!

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Anonymous said...

I noticed the elliptical machine burns a lot more calories too.. I don't think it's the arm thing because I burned 850 calories on it the other day and I didn't even use my arms.. I just like how it's the best way to burn so many calories in a short amount of time.

ps. I really love reading your blog. You're inspiring me more than you would believe!