Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day 3 of the great 34-day fast.

I've had a better "first day" than the first-day fast. My stomach only rumbled once before giving in to the notion that I am NOT going to answer it's call. And I never once felt weak until about halfway through this evening's hike. But even that's cleared up now that I've had a good shower...

Unfortunately, when I woke up today I weighed the same as yesterday. Well... maybe half a pound less, it's hard to tell since my scale is a dial and not digital, and five feet away is a long way to focus that early in the morning...

But I decided to start today with some grapefruit juice (130 cals, diluted 1:2) to kick start the metabolism, and it felt great! I didn't start coming off the energy spike until about 5 pm, so just when I thought I was going to have another weak moment, I decided to go for a walk. I put on some shorts and flip-flops, and headed out the door with no real aim. I had my keys, my cell phone, a bottle of water, and my pedometer.

An hour later I was on a hiking trail in the city park! I didn't know it was so close by to where I live. And the trails were so beautiful! All the sounds of the city are somehow blotted out by just a few feet of trees. All you can hear are birds and trickling water, and the sounds of the twigs crunching under your feet.

Well, before I knew it, I'd gone 3 miles. I wasn't really sure where I was headed, but I knew I was headed away from the house. No matter... I figured the trail would eventually turn, but if it didn't, I'd turn back at 7 pm, to try to get home by dark.

Luckily, the trail came out on a road right at about 7 pm, and I headed back in the direction of home. (Next time, I will opt for tennis shoes instead of these damn flip-flops - my right heel is killing me!) I guess the road was a more direct path, because it only took me 45 minutes to get home. I'd gone 5 1/4 miles in a little over two hours. Not bad for an empty stomach!

I am trying desperately not to reach for the second bottle of juice standing by in the fridge. I have GOT to get some lower-cal vegetable options! I would like to save the fruit juices for the mornings, as the higher sugar seems to give my energy a little kick. I think the vegetable juices would give me the substance I need to settle down for the night.

Tomorrow starts out early... another two auditions. Hope to have some cranberry/apple on the way out there, but if I still feel wrecked before the second audition (higher paying = more important!) I may have to break down and do the Starbucks thing again. After which, I will have to kick my ass working out tomorrow night.

My ladies in the facebook fast group have been SOOOOO tremendously helpful to me! Willpower is the foundation of discipline, but the task is made easier by knowing you've got 20 people counting on your leadership!

We're halfway through the 2-day fast! Hurray!


P.S. As I got out of the shower just now, soaking wet with a towel still wrapped around my head, I got curious and stepped on the scale. Same weight as this morning - only while soaking wet! So hopefully I WILL be thinner tomorrow than I am today. ;)

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