Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 11 of the great 34-day fast. One-third of the way there!!!

FINALLY! I behaved for one day. I actually burned 700 extra calories at the gym today; that is, 700 more calories than I consumed all of today.

Ok, so I cheated a bit. I think these super-heavy workouts are the downfall that's leading to these crazy binges. The extreme deficit of calories is no match for my willpower, and when all the carbs are gone yet I still force myself to keep going on the treadmill, my body tries to shut down, all my muscles go weak, and my stomach is relentless. Unfortunately, this has led to some big binges in the past five or six days, nearly 1000 calories some days.

So today I made PLANS to cheat, just a little. Not so much that I can't burn off at least twice that at the gym, but just enough to be able to look forward to, so my body is fooled into thinking I'm not depriving it. I've been doing some research on "snacks under 100 calories" and "the best post-workout snacks." Luckily, something came up in common that's already in my kitchen, no extra spending required.

The plan for the day was this:
- sleep in as long as possible (more hours asleep = less hours to be hungry)
- sip my one bottle of juice for breakfast on the way to the gym (some calories to get the metabolism going)
- Workout at least 1000 calories (since I'm planning to consume nearly 400); drink 1 liter of plain water in the process
- Come home and have 1/2 cup Rice Krispies cereal with 1/2 cup fat-free milk (total: 88 calories) as a recovery treat; apparently the combo of carbs and protein helps muscle recovery and keeps your body out of "Omigod! where did all the carbs go?!?" panic mode.
- take my shower (which always makes me feel a little better)
- do some online research and blogging while enjoying a no-cal Coke Zero
- get primped and ready for work tonight while sipping on a no-cal flavored water; infuse the second half of that bottle with some Metamucil fiber powder for a laxative effect
- Grab Starbucks on the way out to work for a last minute boost
- work it, work it, work it at work! Do not taste-test ANYTHING!!!
- come home and journal my day on this blog

And ladies, I DID IT. Ok, so it's one day, I don't deserve a lifetime achievement award or anything. But it's the first GOOD day I've had in about four days.

Now all that remains to be seen is if, in the morning, I have taken off not only the scheduled one pound I'm supposed to drop by tomorrow, but also the one pound I fucking GAINED after messing up the last few days.

Check back tomorrow morning - I'll leave a quick post to let you know what the scale says.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging about all this - it's definitely a great read =D

Good luck! I'm sure you don't need it.