Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hail Saint Ana Nicole

THIS is what I mean by successful anorexia... getting thinner and thinner, yet staying alive and keeping it hidden from the entire world.

People magazine has done a great job of keeping up with Nicole's latest scheme to hide her disease. Back in November, Nicole looked like this...
...and publicized that she was "seeking treatment" to determine why she "could not gain weight." However, she and her entire team [inluding her DUNDERHEAD father!] have made sure to stress that she "does eat" and that she "is NOT being treated for an eating disorder."

All Hail!!! When you can be in the spotlight every single day, out at all the biggest public arenas, constantly hounded by paparazzi, and yet STILL hide your E.D. from the WWOORRLLDD!!!!

You are the QUEEN of the Anas!!!!

Here's some of the articles People has been publishing:
11/3/06 - Inside Nicole Richie's Weight Crisis

11/30/06 - Nicole Richie's Road to Recovery

3/3/07 - Nicole Richie Treated for Dehydration

3/21/07 - Rep Says Nicole Richie Is Hypoglycemic

Then, just days after "seeking treatment," this picture of her "five pounds heavier" appears: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Nicole, my ana goddess, those five won't be hard to take off... you still look great, and you've managed to get everyone off your back! You are my THINspiration!!!


Bee said...

I adore Nicole too... its a shame she had a baby and lost her hotness.

j-lynn123 said...

Misha Barton is my THINspiration
people tell me i look a lot like her.
i only wish i were as thin as here