Sunday, April 15, 2007

The devil inside begins to whisper...

This morning I downed two whole pieces of coffee cake without blinking. This is, according to the "experts", HEALTHY. No little voices inside your head telling you that nutrition is unneccessary. Instead saying, "You should never skip breakfast!" with that chipper little smile.

But at lunch, she whispered to me again... that sweet, seductive demon who only wants me to look my best.

"Only eat half of that."

She's right. Ana, my love, thank you for staying with me. You know that I can't let you out full-force until we are alone again. But that gives me two weeks to return to you. Make it a gradual move, so that I don't lose courage, so that I can store up a burst of willpower to begin again.

Soon, my darling, we will starve together again.


Ana said...
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Anonymous said...

I long to be alone in ana's arms also.

I miss mia. I call for her in my sleep.

Soon my two dark lovers will fully return to me.

soon I will be complete.

kat said...

definitely, stay strong hun

in the grip of mia atm. i even put on!!

feel like such a fat bitch

someone tell me i'm huge please?